Standing For Truth in a World of Deception




Here are more encouraging messages written by Steve Martin for the Love For His People and Now Think On This blogs. They cover a variety of topics to encourage you, believers in Jesus, to stand strong in your daily walk, firmly committed for His plans and purposes in our nations.

As the Lord would give Steve a word or two in his spirit, he would begin to write. With a prophetic and inspirational edge, these messages will be an encouragement to you to stand clear in your faith, fulfill the call on your life, and be a light to the nations, beginning within your own family and to those around you.

These simple words are meant to be an addition to your daily Bible reading and prayer time. While the days growing darker, each of us must be built up in the faith of our forefathers and the Jewish writers of the Written Word, as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. We must stand strong for truth in this world of deception which increasingly surrounds us.


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