Mountain Top View – Onward & Upward



I like mountains. I like these awesome creations of the Lord around the world. Standing in front of them can overwhelm your heart with gratitude and goodness, dwelling on His majestic power and sheer love that He daily has for us.

Our lives can be challenging as we face mountains ahead, but we can be overcomers as we keep our eyes fixed on Him, and make the climb with the Lord at our side, and His Holy Spirit as our Guide.

As you read these inspired and encouraging chapters, I trust they will bring more hope, faith and love into your spirit and soul. Experiences shared by those who have walked ahead enable others to choose more wisely and confidently in their walk.

I hope these words do so for you. These messages that I share with you in this book were originally written for my blog as NOW THINK ON THIS. You can read those on a weekly basis. Please see the info and contact pages at the back of the book.

Shalom and ahava,

Steve Martin

Charlotte, NC


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