Leadership Through Love



Where would churches, ministries or businesses be without the administrators, the directors of departments, or the executive secretaries and administrative assistants? Those organizations who have them know their value. Those who don’t may or may not realize what they are missing.

It has been my desire to share a bit of what I have experienced, and learned, over 40 years. Each one of you who now serves in this capacity is very important to the “visionaries”. The work that you do, and the support that you consistently give, enables the top leaders of the organization to do what they have been given by the Lord to do.

I like to think of our role as similar to that of my Biblical heroes. Joshua assisted Moses and Timothy served with Paul. May the Lord encourage you as you read my thoughts and what has worked for me.

I hope the stories and suggestions will impart to you further measures of blessing, for those you support and also to those you give direction to.

Steve Martin


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