Faithful – In All His Ways



Continuing with another book edition of my latest inspirational writings of Now Think of This, I hope you are encouraged in your daily faith, to be faithful, as our Lord Jesus is faithful in all His ways.

Our main example and inspiration is the Lord Jesus Himself, Who was faithful to the end. Others that have followed since His time on earth have stood for the truth He spoke. We do well to keep our eyes stayed on Him, so we too can practice faithfulness in the days, which I believe are near the end as the Bible speaks of before His promised return.

My prayer is that these short messages will help build your faith, stand for truth, and continue to be a light in the darkness that seeks to cover the earth. The Lord Jesus is coming back, as the Lion of Judah, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. All eyes will see Him in the clouds, riding His mighty stead, the One Who is Faithful and True.

Even so, come Lord Yeshua.


Steve Martin


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