Awesome – Our God Reigns



Our God, the living God of Israel, is an awesome God. He is alive and well, and in full control of what is happening in these days we live in. His love and mercy are on display daily, as He draws His people to Himself, both Jews and Gentiles.

I have compiled these Now Think On These into another book, messages written over the last months, and added the Jerusalem Log daily updates from my trip to Israel May 1-May 9, 2017. I hope you will be encouraged in your daily walk with the Lord through the reading of them.

If you know Jesus (Yeshua) you know that He is there day in and day out, leading and directing us to become more conformed to Him, and be a witness in the earth. If you do not know Him yet, I pray these words (and photos) will move your heart ever closer to the point when you do.

Be blessed, with the shalom (peace) and ahava (love) of the Lord.

Steve Martin

Charlotte, NC

May 22, 2017,  Jerusalem’s 50th Anniversary of Unification!


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