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After sending out e-journal reports from a trip to Israel in 2010, I asked the Lord one early morning during prayer, “Now what?” He spoke, saying to use one of the gifts I had been given. “Write love letters.” Thus was born the “Ahava Love Letters.”

“Ahava” is the Hebrew word for love. It is a joy to share with you from my life’s journeys. I will take you from “Main Street” to the rocky roads in Israel, with words of encouragement for the daily walk. Read one letter a week over a course of a year, or finish sooner. If the latter, then you must be getting some real inspiration and can’t put the book down!

We all have stories to tell. Please let me know if you enjoy these!

Ahava, Steve Martin

Steve Martin served with seven Christian ministries from 1987-2012, all having a national and international outreach focus. During that time he made several trips to Israel, China, India, Trinidad and Tobago, and the UK. Also Cedar Falls, Chicago and Nashville! During those trips he enjoyed sharing journal entries with family and friends back home through e-mail. His light-hearted stories have an up close and personal touch in them.

In 2010, Steve and his good wife Laurie began “Love For His People, Inc,” a non-profit humanitarian aid ministry. This work touches local and international lives with needed encouragement and strength. His regular “Ahava Love Letter” is posted on the Love For His People Blog. Steve and Laurie live in the Charlotte, NC area. Married for more than 42 years, they enjoy having their four adult children and spouses close by, along with 8 additional grandchildren. He enjoys writing and growing the ministry of Love For His People, Inc.


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