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Standing in support of Israel, Jews, and believers in all the nations, in the Name of Jesus (Yeshua) Our regular communication to share the Love For His People with our friends. Blessings on ye head!
Nov. 10, 2022 Jerusalem, Israel

Greetings to my family and friends of Love For His People Ministry from Jerusalem, Israel.

Most likely this will be my last message from Jerusalem, before jetting back Saturday morning at 6:00 am from Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv, hoping to land in Charlotte Saturday night at 8:00 pm. Being I lost my phone on the 4th day here while on the city bus 3 weeks ago, it may be a challenge getting a ride home once landed! But the Lord will provide a way. He always does.

Need I say this has been a God-appointed, God-ordained, God-assigned time for me in this Land He has given back to the Jews, as He prophetically promised centuries ago. What a Faithful God we serve. This was one of Derek Prince’s favorite sayings. “God is Faithful”.

The videos I took of Derek’s gravesite and the many other Christian Zionists and Messianic Jews buried in Jerusalem’s German Colony area, Alliance Cemetery, number among the top ten of my 80 short videos recorded and shared for you on our YouTube Channel. See here: Steve MartinLoveForHisPeople.

You will also see the very beautiful, two-wall-length mural painted by Patricia from Wisconsin over a 6.5-year period. And she was there to tell us all about it! (And I still have 2 more days for more video recordings!)

Glen H., the hard-working founder and organizer of the Aliyah Seminar 2022 I attended and helped with last week, asked me to write a follow-up on the four-day event held here in the capital city of Israel, Jerusalem. You can read that below. I hope you do.

Continue to pray for our USA government and the Israeli government, as each needs the Hand of our God on them. As believers in Yeshua, Jesus, we always look first to Him, but He has also chosen to use men and women here on earth to do His work, so we can do our work with His guidance.

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem!


Steve Martin, Founder, Love For His People Ministry

P.S. I hope you were able to “walk with me” with my photos, videos, and posts from Jerusalem, while I was here from Oct. 24 – Nov. 12, 2022. Please watch and then subscribe to our YouTube channel Steve Martin, Love For His People. I also posted daily on our website Love For His People Ministry. I believe you will enjoy them too. Yes, Lord!

P.S.S. Lead photo taken from the ramparts of Jerusalem’s Old City wall, by me. Beautiful golden city.

Aliyah and His People – Jerusalem, Israel Series 

“’For thus says the Lord God: “Indeed I Myself will search for My sheep and seek them out. As a shepherd seeks out his flock on the day he is among his scattered sheep, so will I seek out My sheep and deliver them from all the places where they were scattered on a cloudy and dark day.

And I will bring them out from the peoples and gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land; I will feed them on the mountains of Israel, in the valleys and in all the inhabited places of the country.” Ezekiel 34:11-3, NKJV  

Aaron Shust, a popular American singer and songwriter (who I thought was Jewish) came out with his song “Zion” in 2018. It became a wide and well-spread theme song for those involved with aliyah, the Hebrew word for “going up”, or immigrating to Israel, the Land of the Jews. As a “Christian Zionist”, one who fully supports this prophetic, miraculous, wonderful move of our Lord, the Living God of Israel, I listen to it over and over again. It is full of Scripture – the promises being fulfilled in our time. 

In September 2022 my good wife Laurie and I made another trip to this Land, staying at the Abraham Hostel in central Jerusalem. We had six days to make do of this appointed time for us. During our stay, we were invited to be part of the Aliyah Seminar 2022 preparation team, hosted by Glen Haines of Operation Tarshish. During one of the pre-planning meetings, I was given an area to assist in. I was delighted! 

With the 4-day event, held in central Jerusalem at the Baptist House a few blocks off King George Street, the gathering time brought together committed brethren, Jew and Gentile, involved in helping Jews fulfill aliyah, both in the going and the coming. The speakers ranged from ones who had international ministries to ones who “just happened” to be in a position to answer phones, giving directions to Jews fleeing Ukraine, in the midst of the Russian war. Each doing their vital part in seeing the Lord’s Hand move upon His people, to bring them back. 

Glen H. gave an excellent overview to start the seminar, quoting Scriptures from memory, of our most needed involvement, making ourselves available for our God-given assignments. With impartation for vision, he gave recent examples of traveling to Cuba and the Caribbean islands, locating Diaspora Jews, primarily Spanish, and beginning the process of bringing them home too. 

A member of the Jewish Agency spoke of their “boots on the ground” in Eastern Europe, conducting passage for women and children from Ukraine (as men and husbands were not permitted to leave); another gave details of helping believers in Yeshua do that which would help them in their aliyah process into Israel. 

Chaim Malespin, director of the Aliyah Return Center in the Galilee (Tiberias), whom I first met at the 2018 Aliyah Seminar, gave his account of his childhood family making aliyah from Canada, after an unknown man brought golden coins to a meeting, saying “This is your family’s provision to go, as the Lord led me to do so for you.” 

Our good friend, Hadassah Lerner, gave a very heart-warming, truth-be-told account of their own aliyah process, with her husband Nissim and their five children, from Norfolk, Virginia over 33 years ago. Difficulties didn’t make a “life of roses” at the beginning, nor still is at times, but they know firmly in their hearts that this is where they are to be, Israel being their home, and with their His Lighthouse, Inc. ministry firmly established, now themselves housing olim (new arrivals) as they begin their new lives here. This provides an easier time than they had. 

In fact, this week alone, the Lerners received a young 30-something father and his four-and-a-half-year-old son from Russia into their olim apartment across the street from their home. These have been in Israel for a month now, having fled from being drafted into the Russian army to be possibly killed in the war in Ukraine, and making their aliyah instead. This weekend another young family, also from Russia, will move into Nissim and Hadassah’s 3-bedroom home with them. Father, mother, 5-year-old son, and newborn will be with them as long as needed, as they settle into their new homeland.

With housing at a premium in Israel, having received 30,000 Russians and 20,000 Ukrainians since the start of the Russian war in the spring to provide lodging and care in this nation of over 8 million, His Lighthouse, Inc. is among those at the forefront in joining the other small, and yet vital, aliyah organizations doing their part. Earlier in the year the Lerners and team (grandkids!) also packed hundreds of “welcoming packs” of bags with toiletries, school supplies, and small toys, for appropriate ages. They particularly helped the Ethiopian Jewish school community. 

Though the numbers in person and on Zoom were small during the seminar, by “American standards” (not the standard for sure) being one myself, it was not disheartening. Yeshua had 12 faithful men, and women, who joined His team on the ground. They then changed the world through their obedience, action, and commitment to do His will here on earth. And they did it with their very lives, as He did, to the very end. 

We too are committed to this Gospel, bringing His salvation through the natural and the spiritual. With each one at the seminar representing their areas of influence and involvement, it was wonderful to connect with ongoing friends and new friends. Knowing those among you is part of His specific and ordained plans and purposes. Joining those I first met here at my first Aliyah Seminar in Jerusalem in 2018, and then meeting more for the years to come, the Lord is doing it all. 

It was my extreme joy (did I say extreme!) to lead worship three times for the night meetings. Using my newly-purchased $200 guitar bought near the King of Kings congregation location in the Call building off Jaffa Street, my heart was full of thanks for this awesome, milestone call, to sing worship to the King of kings in His capital city, Jerusalem. Even now the tears warm my eyes and heart again. I even got to hold the mic for Caroline Hyde, Heart of G-d in the Galilee, as she sang wonderful Hebrew songs, the beautiful full-size piano accompanying her through her fingers. (The wireless was too big to fit into the mic stand. Always be ready and willing, in any fashion and form! No act of service is too small.) 

For those who catch this vision, look to the next Aliyah Seminar coming next year, I hope. Glen and Bella, his wife, and the team worked tremendously hard to organize this one. It will grow in influence and effectiveness, as His will, His eternal plans, will absolutely be done – to bring back the Jews to their promised Land, Israel. I know there are many others among the Jews and Gentiles who too are called to give of themselves in this worldwide move of God. Yes, we will do His will. 

Thus says the Lord God, “Behold, I will lift up My hand to the nations and set up My standard to the peoples; and they will bring your sons in their bosom, and your daughters will be carried on their shoulders. “Kings will be your guardians, and their princesses your nurses. They will bow down to you with their faces to the earth and lick the dust of your feet; and you will know that I am the Lord; Those who hopefully wait for Me will not be put to shame.” Isaiah 49:22-23, NASU 

Ahava and shalom from Jerusalem, 

Steve Martin
Love For His People, Founder 

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Message #125 in this series – in the year of our Lord 11.10.2022 – “Aliyah and His People”– Jerusalem series”  Thursday, 8:08 am in Jerusalem, Israel
As part of my journey to Jerusalem, Israel this time was the opportunity to lead worship at the Aliyah Seminar 2022. I was scheduled for two times and ended up leading three nightly services. What a joy! You can listen here as I am Leading worship in Jerusalem, the Monday evening session. Bless the Lord our God with me! Steve Martin

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Steve Martin

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