“From Me To You To Them – Part 1” by Steve Martin, Love For His People Ministry

Victory Community, LaSalle/Peru, Illinois 1978 (L-R) Laurie Martin, Steve Martin, Mary & Bob Smith, Ron Wey
Oct. 16, 2022 Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Greetings to my family and friends of Love For His People Ministry.

A week from tonight, on Oct. 23, 2022, after I spend the weekend celebrating with newly-ordained Bishop Lathan Wood and The Movement congregation, enjoying a glorious time of ascension and new building purchase in Gastonia, North Carolina, I jet out once again to Israel at 8 pm from Charlotte.

As a good friend of mine, 82-year-old Mordecai Porter prophesied, I will be given “new adventures” on this specific travel, my 26th one to the Jewish Promised Land.

This is the same Holy Land where our Savior, Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach (He was Jewish too), the Messiah came to earth the first time as a baby child, walked for 33 years among His Chosen people the Jews, and then was resurrected from the dead, before ascending into heaven.

We look with anticipation for the Messiah’s soon return in our lifetime!

When I found out the next day by e-mail from Israel (after receiving that personal prophetic word from Mordecai), that I would be leading not one, but two or more worship sessions at the Aliyah Seminar in Jerusalem Oct. 31-Nov.2, 2002, tears came to my eyes. “Yes, Lord, this is what You also have prepared me for these past decades. To lead worship in Jerusalem. Let it be.”

And then this morning, yes, early morning (about 3:00 am), the Lord told me it was time to write another of my life’s other purposes, about living to give. To give freely, even as we have been given so much from Him. This is something important for all of us, as we are part of His Body.

I hope you take the time now to read my message for you below: From Me To You To Them

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin, Founder, Love For His People Ministry

P.S. Please continue to pray for our good friends for over 35 years, Edgar and Indira Persad, of Charlotte, North Carolina, along with their families (Nadira & Alan, Shamila and Joel, and Robbie and his family). Edgar has been in the hospital for almost three weeks now, having had a brain tumor removed. The Lord is his Healer and their Provision in all!

“From Me To You To Them – Part 1” by Steve Martin

“Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8-9, NASU  

In the years 1976-1980, I lived in LaSalle/Peru, Illinois. I had loaded all my belongings from my hometown of Cedar Falls, Iowa in August of 1976 to journey down Interstate 80 to that new land in the center of the Midwest. The Illini land with the rich, black loam dirt where field corn grew tall, often close to 7 or 8 feet. It was then, and probably still is, considered the best land in America, if not the world, for growing crops. God bless the farmers who still work hard on it. 

All my belongings, all that I owned, fit into my 1967 metallic blue, two-door Mercury Capri, and “me and my dog Blue” (actually not) hit the road. (I didn’t have a dog named Blue. But I did have one named Tawny growing up.) Everything fit into my 4-wheel auto space. Anything else I had I left behind. I was going to join the Victory Church Community. Leave it all to give it all. As in the common-purse community. Just like they did in Acts 2, the first-century church believers.

(Do you like the photo above?! Steve, Laurie, Bob and Mary Smith, Ron Wey, 1978 in Victory Church.) 

“And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. Then fear came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles. Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.” Acts 2:42-24, NKJV (Emphasis mine.) 

Prior to that, in my senior year in 1973, at Columbus High School (a Roman Catholic, 4-year private school in Waterloo, Iowa), I had seriously considered being a monk. I even went to the Dubuque, Iowa monastery to check it out. New Melleray Abbey, where they gave their lives to the community, along with the other brothers for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ, was just an hour and 38 minutes (non-stop) straight east near the Mississippi River. 

Even in 8th grade, I had asked the diocesan priest, Father Purtell, of St. Patrick’s School in Cedar Falls, Iowa, about going off to Africa after high school to be a missionary priest. He discouraged me by saying, “We need priests here. Why go there?” 

I decided after all that, admitting that the missionary and monk life weren’t the exact destiny for me, to seek another path. I wasn’t quite ready to commit to, “Poverty, chastity, and obedience” as the Jesuits required. Though I certainly had admired both St. Francis of Assisi and St. Benedict, as evident in my early teen book library, I wanted a good wife and was looking forward to seeing what our tribe of kids would look like. (Don’t we all, at one time or another?)

Moving to join a common purse community wasn’t common then, and not so much even now. Sure, there were the hippie communes in the late ‘60s, and probably a few Appalachian hills or Rocky Mountain high escape camps across the USA, but this north-central part of Illinois was where I felt the Holy Spirit was leading me to go. 

A new adventure. A fresh beginning. A committed desire to find out what the Lord had for me. 

When one decides to fully follow Jesus you don’t quite know where He will lead you. Of course, in your early years of walking, or driving as the case may be, you just get up and go. “Take me anywhere, Lord. Even to Africa (later) if you want. I am willing to do what you ask me to do.” Leave the rest behind and get on with the action. What else is there, after already living 18 years of life? 

Within those fours years upon arrival in that twin town of 10,000 each, I was married, taking Laura Jean Unzicker as my wife (daughter of Otto and Lorraine), fathered two wonderful sons, and sold the 1935 vintage, red-brick house we had just bought for $30,000 two years earlier, including the just completed additional upstairs bedroom and bath, and moved to East Lansing, Michigan.

We weren’t alone. At least seven other families left that town, to join a “shepherding” community, Shiloh Fellowship, located a few blocks across the street from Michigan State University. All this time the Lord was moving in my heart, to give freely as He had given to me. 

A particular song entitled, “What Do I Have That Hasn’t Been Given Me”, sung (and possibly authored by) “Golden Throat” Mark Buren (as we called him), impacted me for years when I lived in LaSalle/Peru. This song, sung by this second son of Victory Community Pastor Stan Buren and his wife Dixie, also a graduate of LaSalle/Peru High School with Laurie in 1977, had been implanted into my soul before we left Illinois for Michigan. It would continue to give direction to me for several years. 

Words included in the song were, “What do I have that hasn’t been given to me. What do I know that hasn’t been taught.” And you know, it is true. For each of us if we admit it. 

What do we have that hasn’t come to us from God the Father, the Giver of Life, the Maker of heaven and earth? What do we have that we hang onto so tightly that when He calls us to give to another, we pull back and say, “I can’t do that.” 

Learning the lesson in giving that which you have already been given is a life-long lesson. And yes, this story will be continued. Hopefully, before I leave for Israel in less than 7 days. 

Ahava and shalom, 
Steve Martin
Love For His PeopleFounder 

Message #117 in this series – in the year of our Lord 10.16.2022 – “From Me To You To Them”  Sunday, 4:44 am Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

“Don’t Give Up. You Can Press On”- Ahava Moments With You, Steve Martin and David Peterman, Love For His People Ministry

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