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Oct. 2, 2022 Derek Prince 640K subscribers

Derek Prince Sermons: How to Face the Last Days Without Fear – This is an original Bible Study, teaching by Derek Prince. “Fierce times” lie ahead, but this analysis of Revelation chapters 1 to 7 will inspire confidence and courage to face the future.

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00:00 Introduction 02:19 Many Warnings Of Difficult Times 05:16 “Birth pangs” of God’s kingdom (Matt. 24: 7–13): 10:36 Divine Perspective From Rev. Ch. 1–7 13:07 Christ Revealed as Judge (Rev. 1: 10–17) 16:10 Victor over all forces of evil (Rev. 1: 17–18): Sin, Satan, Death, Hades 17:24 Concern for churches (lampstands) (Rev. 1: 13) 19:38 His messages to the churches (not to individuals) (Rev. 2 & 3) 25:06 Promises are only to “him who overcomes” (Rev. 21: 10) 26:14 The throne room in heaven (Rev. ch. 4) 29:54 The scroll = God’s program to close the age (Rev. ch. 5) 37:59 Ever-expanding circles of worship (5:8–14) 41:18 Now down to earth (Rev. ch. 6) 56:58 Note: Wrath of the Lamb – compare Is. ch. 24 1:01:02 Final outburst of evangelism by Jewish elect (Rev. ch. 7) 1:05:35 Culmination of witness of 144,000 (Rev. ch. 14) 1:10:33 Final Application: “Be saved” – Acts 2: 40

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