Overcoming Guilt, Shame, and Rejection – Derek Prince

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Derek Prince Sermons: Overcoming Guilt, Shame, and Rejection – This is an original Bible Study taught by Derek Prince. These three emotional wounds cut deeper than any physical injury ever could, but at the cross, Jesus offers complete and total healing. Let this encouraging message start you on the path to God’s tender healing.

Bible Teaching Resources: https://www.derekprince.com

Bible Teaching Resources: https://www.derekprince.com

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I. Guilt A. Sin vs. guilt (Is. 53:10) 1. Sin is objective; guilt is subjective 2. Guilt is what you feel inside because of your sin B. Causes of guilt: 1. Often a failure in your past 2. A religious background emphasizing sin, but not salvation 3. Parents who were critical and condemnatory C. Satan’s main weapon against Christians 1. Conviction (Holy Spirit) vs. guilt (Satan) a. Conviction brings repentance b. Guilt brings hopelessness 2. Rev. 12:10—Satan is “the accuser of the brethren.” Accuses us day and night to make us feel guilty. D. Remedy: Rev. 12:11 1. They (believers) overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the lamb (Jesus) and by the word of their testimony 2. They were totally committed and did not love their lives to the death 3. We must follow either the Lamb or the Beast E. To apply the remedy we must know what the Word says about the blood 1. Eph. 1:7—Redeemed (bought back) from slavery a. Respectable slaves or not is determined by the purchaser b. Ps. 107:2—Let the redeemed say so 2. 1 John 1:7—Cleansed from sin but this is conditional: a. “If” we walk in the light b. “If” we have fellowship one with another c. Continuing present tense: continually being cleansed d. The blood does not cleanse in the dark 3. Rom. 5:9—Justified: acquitted, not guilty, reckoned righteous, made righteous, “just-as-if-I’d” never sinned 4. Heb. 13:12—Sanctified: Made holy a. Set apart to God b. Set apart from sin 5. Eph. 2:12–13—Brought near to God 6. Heb. 10:19–22—Boldness/confidence to enter the holiest into the immediate presence of God II. Shame A. Definition: 1. Not fit to look someone in the face—somehow “naked” 2. Averted, lowered eyes 3. A feeling of being not worthy B. How it comes: 1. Public humiliation—often in school. Covered up by being aggressive, overactive. 2. Sexual abuse (especially parents, family members) C. Remedy: Jesus on the cross 1. Heb. 12:2—Endured the cross, despising the shame 2. Is. 50:6—Did not hide His face from shame 3. Is. 52:14—Many astonished (appalled) by His sight—He lost the appearance of a man 4. Is. 53:3—Despised and rejected by men D. The result: Instead of shame, double honor (Is. 61:7) III. Rejection A. Definition: 1. Being on the outside looking in 2. Never feeling loved 3. Feeling that others can, but I can’t B. Causes: 1. Greatest single cause: No love from parents, especially father 2. Unwanted in pregnancy, i.e. born during the Great Depression (1929) 3. Divorce (abandonment) (Is. 54:6, NIV) 4. Peers—physical deformity, being “different” C. Remedy: Jesus on the cross 1. Is. 53:3—Despised and rejected by men (John 1:11) 2. Ultimate rejection: By Father (Mt. 27:45–46) 3. Matt. 27:50–51—Died of a broken heart; caused by rejection D. Our portion 1. Eph. 1:3–6—Accepted (highly favored) in the Beloved (Jesus) 2. John 17:25–26—God is my Father; I am as dearly loved by God as Jesus was. 3. 1 Tim. 1:5 (NASB)—The goal of our instruction: Love

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