This is for the carnal – I Will Shake All Things – Part 2: The Church – Derek Prince

Sept. 28, 2022 Derek Prince 637K subscribers

Derek Prince Sermons. I Will Shake All Things – Part 2: The Church. This is an original Bible Study, teaching by Derek Prince. Has the predicted final shaking of all things already begun? If so, you need to know how you can come through victoriously.

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============================= Table of Contents: ============================= I. Practical Response A. Build a foundation on the Word of Jesus 1. Hear 2. Obey B. In what ways?—What kind of persons should we be? (2 Peter 3:11–12) 1. Be holy in conduct and godliness (2 Cor. 6:17–7:1) a. Come out from among them (unbelievers) b. Be separate—set apart to God c. Do not touch what is unclean (mental attitudes, what we look at [TV])— guard your mind/heart (1) Cleanse ourselves (2) Filthiness of the flesh: sexual immorality, swearing, drunkenness (3) Filthiness of the spirit: contact with the occult, horoscopes, false philosophies d. Perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord 2. Look for the “glorious hope” (Titus 2:11–14) a. Jesus purifies b. Purify yourself (1 John 3:1–3) c. One standard: Jesus 3. Hasten the coming of the day of God. How? (Peter 3:12) a. How? Matt. 24:14—This gospel of the kingdom shall be proclaimed in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end shall come. b. Who? Us. If we don’t, we’re delaying the coming of the day. (1) The bride makes herself ready (2) Wedding garment—fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints (3) Translate imputed righteousness to outworked righteousness II. Four Practical Ways to Express Obedience to Word of God A. Align yourself with God’s purpose (Matt. 6:9–10) 1. Your kingdom come: Primary objective for everything we do 2. Seek first, not second or third (Matt. 6:33) 3. Example of Jonah a. Every step was downward when he turned away from God b. Only Jonah had the answer—but he was asleep! B. Cultivate endurance 1. To stay saved, you must endure (Matt. 24:13) a. Hated by all (Luke 21:17ff) b. By your endurance purchase your souls (Is. 55:1—buy without money, i.e., prayer, seeking God, in the Word, etc.) c. Buy gold and white raiment, not with money (Rev. 3:18) 2. Count it all joy when you encounter trials (James 5:7–11) a. Patience—passive, doing nothing b. Endurance—“remaining under,” staying there c. Perseverance—enduring, doing something and keeping on doing it C. Waiting (Heb. 9:28)—eagerly 1. Do two things (1 Thess 1:9–10) a. Serve b. Wait for His Son 2. God acts on behalf of those who wait for Him (Is. 64:4) 3. Waiting is one of the tests—shows dependence on God a. Abraham waited 25 years b. Joseph waited in an Egyptian jail (Ps. 105:17ff) c. Moses waited 40 years (Num. 12:13) d. David waited 15 years as a dog on the mountains D. Cultivate a positive attitude—expectation 1. Negative thought: Meet it with a positive confession (Is. 61:3) 2. Overcome evil by good (Rom. 12:21)—actively practice good 3. Rev. 21:7—He who overcomes all things will be My son

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