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September 5, 2022Β | Topics:Β Israel byΒ Ryan Jones, Jerusalem

We all need periodically to be reminded of our reliance on Him.

The State of Israel is strong, affluent and successful beyond the wildest imaginations of its founding fathers. Those who read and believe the Bible expected as much. God had promised His unreserved blessing on the restored Jewish nation.

But as someone who reports on this phenomenon from Jerusalem, I often find myself disappointed, both by my own writing and the attitude of Israelis.

It’s easy to start lauding Israel itself for the many accomplishments achieved in just 74 years. And the longer this nearly-unbridled success continues, the more Israelis believe it to be by their might alone.

This got me thinking about the hopelessly inescapable pit of political instability in which Israel now finds itself.

The electorate is divided in such a way that no matter how many elections are held in short succession, the chances of forming a stable majority coalition are nigh impossible. And Jewish society itself is becoming so deeply divided that it’s conceivable in the near future that half the nation will no longer want to fight for the other half. And if Israel isn’t united, at least in defense of the nation, how can it survive?

Perhaps all of this is happening to remind Israel that left to itself, it will fall. Without the sustaining blessing of the Almighty, Israel has achieved nothing.

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Of course, in this too Israel is an object lesson for us all. How quickly we forget God’s hand in the successes we enjoy. How easily we begin to believe that our own capabilities have accomplished it.

We all need periodically to be reminded of our reliance on Him.

Let our prayer be that Israel return to this realization sooner rather than later, and before too much damage is done.

Ryan Jones, Editor

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