Netanyahu Hopeful as Jewish Voters Shift Further Right, Arabs More Apathetic – ISRAEL TODAY

A firm 62% majority of Israeli voters identify as right-wing, making Israel an anomaly among liberal Western-style democracies.

By Ryan Jones | August 30, 2022 | Topics: Benjamin NetanyahuBenjamin Netanyahu

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Happiness is and isn't what you might think
Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90

Two months to go until Israel’s next election (the fifth election in the past three years), and opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu is feeling hopeful as the electorate shifts even further to the Right.

Prior to the April 2019 election (the first in this present series of elections), 46 percent of Israeli voters identified as right-wing. Today, that number has grown to 62 percent.

That is according to the latest survey by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI).

The growth of the Right has come at the expense of both the Center and the Left, which have dropped by nine and six percentage points, respectively, during the same period.

While on the surface this looks to be good news for Netanyahu and his Likud Party, things aren’t so simple.

In all the last four elections, the various parties that make up the ideological Right have won a clear overall majority in the Knesset. But because several of those parties refuse to sit in a government headed by Netanyahu, his efforts to forge a stable right-wing government have been repeatedly thwarted.


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