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Aug. 17, 2022 Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Greetings to my family and friends of Love For His People Ministry.

On September 7, 2022, my good wife Laurie and I (and no, I don’t have a “bad” wife!) depart on the overseas jet to once again land in The Land of Israel. It will be in celebration of our 45th wedding anniversary, using frequent flyer mileage and the Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem credit needing to be used before the end of the year.

Though it will be only six nights this time in the capital city of Israel, the days will be filled with “ahava moments with you” – with friendships we have established over the 12 years since the birth of Love For His People Ministry.

On occasion, I am asked, and I am glad they do, why I go to Israel so much. Couldn’t I just send the money used to help them rather than going in person?

Do you just send money to your kids who have moved away? Do other ministers sit in their offices and just write? Is a personal hug better at times than a text, Signal message, or Zoom call? You can answer that however you want. I think I know your answer, just as I would answer myself if asked.

“Yes, we go see them in person, as often as we can!”

I further explain in this message following, first written 9 years, the main reason why we go to Israel. Many times, And I like how it is nicely entitled, Why Israel?

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin, Founder, Love For His People Ministry

P.S. Rarely do we ask others for funds, as we use that which the Lord supplies by other means. But if you would like us to hand deliver your gift, please use the giving methods listed below, before Sept. 1, 2022.

P.S.S. The photo below was taken in April 2022 in the home of Nissim and Hadassah Lerner, His Lighthouse, Inc. just north of Jerusalem. Laurie and I will spend a lot of time with them in September.

Why Israel? 

Special Note: I wrote the following back on Feb. 9, 2014, to share why Israel is so important to both you and me. And the rest of the world! With very few minor edits, I share again.  

“Because I love Jerusalem, I will continue to speak for her; for Jerusalem’s sake I will not stop speaking until her goodness shines like a bright light, until her salvation burns bright like a flame.” (Isaiah 62:1 New Century Version)  

In 1979 Laurie and I, still newlyweds after two years, were part of a church group in LaSalle/Peru, Illinois. The former Baptist pastors, Stan and Dixie Buren, had gathered a small group of charismatics around them. Many of the members were seeking to be more involved with a national Christian movement called discipleship. To better achieve that purpose, we were invited to a conference held by Shiloh Fellowship in East Lansing, MI.

The gathering was at Mackinac Island, in the very north of the great state of Michigan. Laurie and I made the long trip, with our two boys, Josh and Ben in arms, along with a few other carloads. As a young couple (24 and 20 years old) we were fervently seeking the Lord. We wanted, in our heart of hearts, to be right in the middle of what He was doing. We were going to do what it took to follow Him, trust Him, and see His will come, on earth as it is in heaven. We were strongly committed. 

The name of one of the speakers, Derek Prince, was familiar to us. He was an author too. The magazine, New Wine, published in Fort Lauderdale, had regular articles featuring five Bible teachers monthly. They were Derek, Don Basham, Bob Mumford, Charles Simpson, and Ern Baxter. Personally, I devoured the messages each month, appreciating everything that was written.

Derek was one of my favorites of the five. To this day I have kept all the editions of the magazine’s publications since 1984. Dick Leggatt, an editor of the magazine over its life span, is now President of DPM-USA, Derek Prince Ministries. Thank you, Dick. And eight years after that Mackinac Island conference, in 1987, I began my eight years of working for Derek Prince Ministries, with David Selby, International Director, as my boss. Thank you, David! 

Derek spoke on the last night of the conference, Saturday, and shared a message based on a little pamphlet he had written. It was called “Our Debt To Israel.” The words, spoken straight forward, hit my heart. I knew there was something very special about what he was saying, and that I needed to understand it. For this I am eternally grateful, as he made the Bible’s words on the subject clear, as to why Israel. 

Pointing out that the Bible itself was written and accurately kept over these several centuries, by God’s chosen people, the Jews, was the starting point. All the writers – Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, Nehemiah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah and more – were all Jews. Because of this reason alone we have a huge debt to the Jewish people. But the most important reason of all, in regard to our debt to Israel and the Jewish people, is the historical fact that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, was, is, and ever shall be a Jew. He came down from heaven, God becoming man, to the nation of Israel two centuries ago, to bring salvation to the world, both for Jew and Gentile alike. 

In our daily reading of the Torah, the Scriptures, the Bible, as believers, we can know and understand the Lord’s heart for the Jewish people, through which He came, and His everlasting love for them now. We can see the fulfillment of His promises of restoration to them, how He has brought them back to their rightful Promised and Holy Land. It is now our part of our debt payment to them, to stand with them to the end of time. 

Having been to Israel 11 times as of this writing in February 2014 (25th time as of September 2022), my heart for Israel and the Jewish people continues to grow in love and appreciation, with a firm, long-standing commitment. Our ministry, Love For His People, founded by Laurie and me in April of 2010, sends monthly financial and prayer support to Messianic Jewish families and organizations in the Land. We are always looking to do more, as God the Father directs. 

Why Israel? Because without the Jews, which remain as God’s eternal choice to reveal Himself to the nations, we would not have had a Bible. Nor would we have the living Messiah/Savior. 

The Word says that in the last days all the nations will again rise up against those who have continually been blamed for everything that has gone wrong. Really? Well, it is about time that someone like us, as believers, prove them all liars and that His eternal Word is true. We are to stand for Israel because the Lord God of Israel, Who sees them as the “apple of His eye”, has promised to protect and keep them in His care. He has proven this repeatedly. 

Why Israel? Because God said so. And that is certainly enough for me and my house. May your heart and commitment be to do the same. 

Ahava and shalom, 

Steve Martin

Love For His People, Founder  

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Todah rabah! (Hebrew – Thank you very much.) 

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Steve Martin, David Peterman, Love For His People, Ahava (Love) Moments With You Watch here: Father’s Heart

I love recording and sharing my Walk With Me video series with you. Here is one from Jerusalem recorded in April 2022.Our good friend, Nouri Hawa in Jerusalem, will again give us a great time with him as he leads us to these special places. As the Father’s love in our hearts grows, we pray you too will experience the love He has for His people in their Land. And see George Bush, the camel featured on the cover of my latest book, Encouragement!

Here is my latest book. SALE PRICES!Click here: Encouragement! Paperback, Kindle, and now HARDBACK!

Encouragement – first from Jerusalem, Israel, and then from Charlotte, North Carolina, USAby Steve Martin (published May 25, 2022)In April 2022 my good friend David Peterman of Lancaster, South Carolina, and I took an Ahava Adventure (“love” in Hebrew) back to Jerusalem as soon as the skies and the Land of Israel opened up again. During those 10 days the Lord Yeshua, Jesus Christ, gave me words to share, which I wrote down each day to share with others. These make up the first part of this book.

The next section is comprised of messages inspired by the Holy Spirit from our home in Charlotte, North Carolina, beginning before and after the Israel trip. As the Lord would give me a prophetic word, I would start writing and He would further expand on it. Thus those words are written in the major section of this book. Everyone needs encouragement. Every day. All the negative news spewed out from social media platforms and airwaves needs to be offset by the good news the Lord Jesus (Yeshua) brings to us.

From the time He walked the streets of Jerusalem in the first century, to today in this 21st Century, He shares love from heaven and from this home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Until He returns soon, may these messages uplift your spirit, reveal more of His heart, and sustain you as you walk daily in the direction the Holy Spirit gives with the grace and provision that comes with His presence.

SALE PRICES! To purchase on Amazon: “Encouragement – from Jerusalem, Israel and then from Charlotte, North Carolina” – Paperback $9.95 Hardback $14.95 E-book $1.99

P.S. Thanks Grandson Levi for holding up the new hardback version!

Ahava (Love) MomentsWith YouSteve Martin and David Peterman David Peterman and I are available to come and minister to your home group, church, or Messianic synagogue to share what we have found in our Lord Yeshua (Jesus) and now walk out in faith – a love for Israel, the Jews, and believers. We speak from our hearts and experiences based on biblical disciplines, with foundational Jewish roots, and continuing onward through to the end of the Book in Revelation, to strengthen the One New Man in Yeshua.

We look forward to hearing from you if you would like to invite us to come. Contact us at either Steve Martin (loveforhispeople@gmail.com) or David Peterman (rabbiahava@gmail.com). Further details will be shared as we hear from you.

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Steve Martin

STEVE & LAURIE MARTIN - LOVE FOR HIS PEOPLE FOUNDERS My good wife Laurie and I (45 years in October 2022!), through the ministry of Love For His People we founded in 2010, give love and support for our friends in Israel and in other nations with friendship, humanitarian aid, and social media support, along with Steve's messages, and our Ahava Adventures trips to Israel. Steve has also authored and published 34 books. We live in the Charlotte, NC area. We have four adult children, spouses, and eight grandkids.

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