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Aug. 16, 2022 Lance Wallnau 203K subscribers

What I’m About To Share Will Blow Your Mind! (Lance behind the scenes unplanned broadcast with Adnan Maqsood.) Donald J Trump revealed his secret plan to drain the swamp and take on the intelligence community – called β€œSchedule F.”

The FBI had to raid the home to find out: a. What he’s planning on doing with the dismantling of the administrative state (swamp). β€” (see comments at 11 min.) b. Where he’s vulnerable in his Trump business side to help the NY Attorney Generals effort to put him in jail over inflating building appraisals when declaring bankruptcy, etc etc… c. Any other financial or personal information his lawyers and advisors talked to him about as well as all communications around Jan 6.

They want to close out the Jan 6 show trial with β€œBreaking News” about indictment of Trump for criminal conduct!

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