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Aug. 15, 2022 Derek Prince 609K subscribers

Derek Prince Sermons: The Two Banquets. This is an original Bible Study, teaching by Derek Prince. Invited to a wedding breakfast for God’s Son, the Jews were “too busy.” Now, as the age closes, Christians are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb. Will we also be “too busy”? Subscribe to our channel

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I. Warning Against Presumption A. What kind of people receive God’s provision? B. What kind of people miss God’s provision? C. The vineyard (Matt. 21:33–46)—Applied specifically to the Jews 1. The problem: the vinedressers had presumed that they could own the vineyard—they had forgotten that they were stewards, accountable to the owner 2. The issue: fruit (v. 43) D. The chief cornerstone (Psalm 118) 1. Fall on the stone (Christ) = repentance, humility 2. Stone fall on you = crushed, rejection, destruction II. The Wedding Breakfast The beginning of the age (Matt. 22:1–14) (Fulfilled in the Jewish nation) A. “Dinner”: literally, breakfast (v. 4) B. Judgment on the Jews (A.D. 70—destruction of Jerusalem/temple) (v. 7) C. The wedding was postponed—people rejected God’s invitation D. Invitation is extended to all nations (Gentiles)—both bad and good (vv. 8–10) E. The man who presumed—without a wedding garment (v. 11–15 [compare Is. 61:10]) F. Application: It’s not enough to be invited, we must also fulfill the requirements (v. 14) III. The Great Supper—The End Of The Age (Luke 14:15–24) A. Not the Jews, but professing Christians B. People invited 1. Distracted by temporal things: real estate, business, marriage (vv. 17–20 [compare Luke 17:26–30]) 2. Invitation extended to: a. Streets and lanes b. Highways and hedges—i.e., the unreached and untaught 3. Those originally invited were rejected (v. 24) C. The postponed wedding feast (Rev. 19:7–8) D. What are the requirements? 1. The poor in spirit (Matt. 5:3) 2. Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (Matt. 5:6)

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