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Airel & Shayla Hyde
The clock showed 7:30 in the evening, and on the line was a man named Gabi: “I don’t know if I can ever receive forgiveness,” he said, “I’ve done terrible things.”

Gabi had called us that Sunday after seeing our ad that said, “Find out how to receive atonement.”

Our team member Yoni was answering our evangelistic hotline that evening, and listened as Gabi shared his life story: He’s in his 30’s, immigrated from Ethiopia to Israel, and grew up in a mixed family – his father’s Christian and his mother’s Jewish. Today he works in the food industry at a factory near Tel Aviv. He’s divorced and the father of two daughters.

“During my last visit I slapped one of my daughters, which is why I’m under house arrest now. I went to jail for around 10 months, and when I was under the influence of alcohol I told my ex-wife that I didn’t even know if I was the father of our children. Can God forgive me for such a thing? Can my wife ever forgive me?”

“Of course God can forgive you,” he encouraged Gabi. 

“As for the situation with your wife, it seems like you need to do some soul-searching.” Yoni urged him to recognize that alcohol was having such a poisonous effect on his life, then said of Gabi’s wife, “Maybe she won’t forgive you right away, but one can understand how she feels. 

She needs to witness a deep and fundamental change in you before she can even start to think about forgiving you, and then I believe God can make the change in her heart as well.”

Yoni talked with Gabi for more than an hour, explaining the meaning of the cross and what Yeshua, Jesus, did for us, and how crucial it is for us to sincerely ask for forgiveness and turn from a life of sin to a life of trusting in Yeshua.
Gabi listened carefully, then suddenly replied, “Yes, but I don’t understand how I’m supposed to do this! How do I ask Yeshua to come into my life?

“In simple words,” Yoni responded, “Just ask Him. You can repeat after me…”

By the grace of God, even from house arrest, Gabi found a new life!

Yoni and Eliel were able to visit him the next morning. Eliel shared his personal testimony, and they encouraged him to join a rehabilitation center run by Carmel Congregation. 

Gabi will appear in court for a hearing later this month. A lot is hanging in the balance and he has some weighty decisions to make. This is a crucial point in his life and we’d appreciate your prayers that God would help us connect him with believers, that He’d guide Gabi, that the seed of Yeshua’s words would fall on good soil, take root, grow strong, and by His grace – bear beautiful fruit.
A Double Miracle

Orli has experienced in her life what many only encounter in nightmares. A number of times, she noticed signs that her husband was cheating on her. She saw an SMS in her husband’s phone that another woman was making him a meal and was waiting for him. So Orli confronted her husband, and they had a huge fight about it.

Orli explained to Rene, our hotline counselor, “I’m in the midst of a divorce and can’t cope – I want an abortion.” Rene empathized with her hardship, but told her that since she’s already 16 weeks pregnant, she has a full-fledged baby in her womb. 

Orli said, “I understand this, but I’m in a difficult place. How will I take care of three children if I get divorced?” 
Rene told her, “Orli, no matter how difficult your situation is, God is even greater, and He’s able and willing to help you. And we are also able to help practically.” We prayed for God’s intervention in the situation. Rene kept in touch with her for two weeks, and one day Orli started crying as she shared how she and her husband had reconciled and decided to stay together! 

And she decided to keep her baby! God answered with a marvelous double miracle!

A few weeks later, while Rene was checking up on Orli, she sensed that Orli was open to God and was able to share the

Gospel and her testimony with her.

Orli’s beautiful girl, glad to be alive. God even confirmed the reality of who He is to Orli. As she was on her way home one day, her steering wheel suddenly stopped working. She was in shock and terrified! But suddenly, without her touching the wheel, it somehow corrected itself, and her life was saved! 

She told Rene excitedly afterwards, “I believe there’s a God in heaven!” 

Just a few days ago, Orli gave birth to a precious baby girl. God is at work in this family and it’s a privilege to be a part of it!
Independence Day Outreach

We hit the streets as a team the day after Israeli Independence Day to share the Gospel. We had opportunities to share the full Gospel with quite a few people, share testimonies, and read Scriptures together with seekers, and the Lord gave several words of knowledge that opened up hearts as well. Orthodox Jews, secular Jews, and even some lesbians heard the Good News!

We had some excellent conversations where people started to realize that God had promised the return of the Jewish people to Israel and the re-establishment of the state ahead of time in the Hebrew Bible and is fulfilling it right before our eyes! One lady was so interested as she heard this, that she paid for an extension for her parking so she could hear more!

We told her, “The best part is actually just beginning now. God said that the reason He brought us back was to remove our heart of stone, give us a heart of flesh, and a real relationship with Him (Ezekiel 36:24-28).” She responded, “Wow, we need that.” We then were able to share the Gospel with her, and she was clearly touched.
Please Pray with Us:

For a crucial Israeli Supreme Court decision regarding abortion – The court will be deciding very soon on a petition from our partners at Be’ad Chaim to end abortion in Israel from 24 weeks and onward (it is currently legal until birth). We’ve been saturating the Israeli public with our pro-life videos in the hopes that hearts and minds will be changed and that ultimately abortion will become illegal. Please pray that our courts will do what is just and at least take this first step toward protecting innocent lives.

For more Israelis to choose life, including:Leah, who’s married with four children and wants an abortion because she feels she isn’t ready for a fifth. Liza, 37, divorced with two children, the youngest of whom is treated by a psychiatrist, is considering an abortion for her third.Please pray for these women and others to really recognize each child as a gift and inheritance from God (Psalm 127:3). 

For more salvations amongst Jews and Arabs in Israel – that the Father would draw them (John 6:44), the Spirit would convict them (John 16:8-11), and the Son would reveal His beauty and glory to all Israel (Isaiah 4:2). Whether it be through our online evangelism, street evangelism, or any other way, our heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they would be saved (Romans 10:1)!

For our upcoming videos and good structures to be in place –As you can see, we’ve been continuing to reach out even as we’re rebuilding some structures in order to reach more people with the Gospel and message of life. Please pray for clarity of vision and structure, each team member to be empowered and fruitful, each video to hit the mark, and a massive impact for the glory of God in Israel and the nations!
Many blessings in Messiah!

Ariel and Shayla Hyde
On behalf of the Tree of Life Ministries Team

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