It is happening. Just as it was prophesied almost 40 years ago. Steve Martin, Love For His People ministry

Lou Engle standing at the Jordan River, Israel. Now in KC for this event.
May 10, 2022 Charlotte, North Carolina

Greetings to family and friends of Love For His People.

It is happening. Just as the Lord Jesus prophesied it would.

Almost 40 years ago the Lord spoke through Bob Jones, a retired Marine whom many would easily dismiss as an “odd one”, and used him to prophesy amazing events that would happen in our time. The photo above shows him with Mike Bickle (IHOPKC).

And this week…THIS WEEK…it is being fulfilled in the Kansas City area.

If David Peterman and I were not traveling to Charleston, SC today, May 10-12, 2022 to speak on the importance of Christians supporting Israel and the Jews, I would have been on a plane in the other direction, with acoustic guitar in hand as Dean Bye (Return Ministries, Canada) asked me to bring, to join Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, Chaim Malespin, Sylvia Laughlin, and hundreds of more intercessors and Bible-believing prophetic men and women, to see this amazing prophetic word come to fulfillment in our days.

Do you want excitement? Do you want a fresh breath of the Holy Spirit upon your life? Do you want to know what the Lord is doing from heaven as He brings His kingdom to come here on earth, in the midst of chaos, world upheaval, and all these shakings?

Then I highly suggest you find out what the Lord is continually doing with His plans and purposes with Israel, the Jewish people, the USA, and other nations, with prophecies being fulfilled in these end times, and get on board. The train is here!

Watch the videos below. Go to the I49wall (Truman property dedication) giving full details of this incredible event. Maybe even get in your car or take the plane and stand on the Truman property yourself, experiencing history being made.

The Lord used Harry S. Truman. He used Donald J. Trump. Now He is using any and all who want to do their part by having the same heart that He has for His People the Jews.

See for yourself: Happening May 10-13, 2022 in Kansas City, MO

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin, Love For His People ministry

P.S. Be sure to put on your calendar the dates and locations for when Chaim Malespin, the Director of the Aliyah Return Center in Tiberias, Israel comes directly from the Kansas City event to NC/SC the week of May 15-18, 2022.

Look here for more info on Chaim. Then put one or more of the dates and locations on your calendar so you too come. Go here to read/hear more: Chaim

I also added a video of David Peterman and me recorded below which you’ll like, as we share personal times we had with him in Jerusalem and Tiberias, Israel.

May 15, 2022  Sunday 5:00 pm   Antioch Community Church in Concord, NCContact: Sharon Goick 980-253-8980 

May 17, 2022 Tuesday, 6:30 pm   Antioch International Church in Fort Mill, SC (just south of Charlotte, NC)  Contact: Steve Martin 704-806-6934 

May 18, 2022 Wednesday, 7:00 pm  Lighthouse Church in Mount Pleasant (Charleston), SC Contact: Mary Smith 843-478-0440
Historical photo – President Harry S. Truman is presented a menorah from Prime Minister David Ben Gurion of Israel.
Register for the May 14 event at the Geha field at the KC’s Arrowhead Stadium: The Send
Above video: David Peterman and I speak of Chaim Malespin coming here to North Carolina.

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They will fail. His Word is true. It is eternal. He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever, and thus His commitment in keeping His promises made to the Jewish people will be fulfilled. I hope you stand with them in these last days.

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