Lance Wallnau: Jesus Said Occupy Till I Come, Not Retreat Till You’re Raptured (Luke 19:13)

May 6, 2022 King of Kings Worship Center 70.4K subscribers

Lance Wallnau: Jesus Said Occupy Till I Come, Not Retreat Till You’re Raptured (Luke 19:13) Lane speaks at the International Church of Las Vegas on 2/1/2021. Quotes: Instead of retreating, you’ll begin to occupy. Jesus said, “Occupy til I come,” not “retreat till you’re raptured.” The awakening is going to fill you with the zeal because the zeal of the Lord of Hosts will do it. You will then see the occupation of your city, of your school, of your police department.” You’ve been “blessed to be a blessing.” (Genesis 12:2)

Pay it forward! Full message here: For more videos, subscribe to King of Kings YouTube Channel here: If you need help with a personal problem email Donate to King of Kings here: What we have is we have the Cyrus anointing, Cyrus rulers God is raising up, and that’s so that he can give his people the authority to build his house. If they will respond to that assignment there will be an awakening among those that embrace the call of God right now to save America. Out of that comes this next one, and I realized God was giving me the word, “chaos.” He’s ruling over the chaos.

The acronym he gave me in the code is the word, chaos. It looks like chaos from here looking up, but from heaven looking down, it’s a glassy sea and everything makes sense. What I’m trying to give you is heaven’s perspective of what’s going on in the chaos of American history right now. Cyrus comes along to build the house. They start working on the house and they didn’t finish it.

So God had to send a shaking and a shaking happened. He sent a prophet and they went to work and started building the house. What happened was the house was vulnerable. The house was vulnerable because if you have a move of God where people are coming to the house of God, what’ll happen is the devil will use government and business and law to shut you down, now you’ll get persecution. So what happened was they realized that they didn’t have the level of authority they needed. Nehemiah suddenly shows up, and Ezra, here you go again. Another governor and another priest. God repeats the pattern. He’s saying, I want you to have your leaders in government. I want you to have godly people leading, I want you to be the head of the school system, the head of the bank. Don’t settle for less when I’m calling you to go up the mountain. You’re the head and not the tail, above and not beneath.

That’s your birthright. That’s your inheritance. That’s your assignment. Don’t tell me you can’t do that because that’s like saying God doesn’t have the ability to do what he wants to do. He took a shepherd kid who was like 16 years old, slay Goliath and put him on the throne. He was making a statement. It’s not about your pedigree, your size, your intellect. It’s about your devotion to me and my purpose for you.

So what happens here is Nehemiah comes along. He says, you know the problem with the house? The walls of the city have collapsed. The boundaries of the culture have been compromised. Men don’t know if they’re men or women. Women don’t know if they’re women or men. Men are competing in female sports. Marriage is two men, two women, three women, five women. You have how many do you want to get, the Mormon strategy in there? You can have polygamy, have multiple wives. The boundaries are coming down.

You even have boundaries between us and other countries where our own borders aren’t there. Here’s an interesting verse, Proverbs 25. And it says this, “A man without self-control is like a great city without walls destined to be broken into and plundered.” America’s lawlessness is the spirit that’s loose. That’s the crime. That’s the smash and grab. That’s the trains in LA and Soros is funding DAs. They’re only too happy to produce the lawlessness and they think that they’re doing something good. The fact is a spirit of lawlessness precedes the emergence of the antichrist. That’s 2 Thessalonians 2. Global lawlessness precedes the emergence of the lawless one.

What do you think has happened now to the left? In Loudoun County in Virginia we found something out that when you teach Critical race theory and you have “Drag Queen Hour,” that mom isn’t chill with it. And while we have weak politicians, weak senators, weak congressmen, weak fathers, sorry to say, the mothers during COVID started looking at what the kid was getting cause they had to supervise Johnny and Susie and they go, what in the world? And they weren’t down with that. Then they looked at their husband and they said, “Are you just going to sit there?” I’m telling you what happened. We analyze this as political consultants. We didn’t expect it. They look at their husbands. They say, “Are you going to sit there? No. Well, you better do something.”

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