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Ariel & Shayla Hyde
April 30, 2022 Haifa, Israel

Over the last couple of weeks, the Gospel has not only spread across Israel, but has also gone forth from Israel and borne fruit of salvation in Brazil, Switzerland, and Sri-Lanka! God is fulfilling His promise that the Word of God would go forth from Zion to the nations (Isaiah 2:3)! We’re excited to share some of these stories: Seeing Yeshua as The Great I AMA Brazilian woman named Celi* contacted us by WhatsApp, explaining that she believes in the Hebrew Scriptures and in Jesus, Yeshua, as the Messiah, but didn’t accept His divinity. She asked if we knew a place that taught that theology, saying she wanted to learn from them. 

Our team member Yoni explained from John 8:58 how Yeshua actually is divine: “Jesus said to them, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.’” 

She told us that she had watched our Isaiah 53 video before the conversation and that something was happening in her heart, then she continued to study the Scriptures, but after reading from John 8, this reality of who Yeshua actually is broke her. She started to weep as God revealed this to her, and said, “For 51 years I’ve believed in this [lie], but now I understand the truth.”Beholding the Reality of Yeshua A Swiss lady named Anna wrote us, sharing how she believes in the “hidden teachings of Jesus” – the gospels that are not part of the canon of the Bible. Our team member Daniel spoke with her recently via video call and presented the real Gospel and the real Jesus to her. 

She was so touched that she decided to repent of her sins and receive Yeshua as Lord of all! Praise God for the real Gospel – as the Apostle Paul said: “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Messiah because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Gentile” (Romans 1:16). 

Let’s pray that God will anoint Daniel in speaking with her about the false gospels, and that Anna would cut off all connection with them, and instead be connected with a congregation and grow as a disciple of the true Yeshua!

Finding Yeshua, the Living God Another man from Sri-Lanka, Lasith, contacted us after watching our videos. Daniel shared the Gospel in more depth with him, and he said that although he’s been Catholic all his life, he was never born again. He was hungry for something more – to know the living God.

We found an evangelical church in his city and began to connect him with the pastor there. But in the meantime, Daniel kept sharing with Lasith. Just yesterday the flash of revelation came as he heard the Gospel again, and Lasith prayed to give his life to the Son of the living God, Yeshua the Messiah!
Abused Woman: “I Need Salvation”

Through our Pro-life and Gospel Campaign launched a little over a year ago, by God’s grace, 119 babies have been saved from abortion so far! And we’ve seen some amazing openness to the Gospel from some of them.
Malka, a religious Jewish woman from the center of Israel, got pregnant out of wedlock with a religious man she was matched with as part of an arranged marriage. But then he became abusive and even hit her in the belly, so she had to get a restraining order against him.

On top of that, she suffers from severe diabetes so her doctor put her on bed rest. She’s also been in and out of the hospital with bleeding.

You can imagine the thoughts going through Malka’s mind with such a challenging, unplanned pregnancy. Then suddenly, one day on Facebook she saw our video explaining what an abortion really is and offering help to women like her.

She called and explained her situation to our hotline counselor Rachel. She decided to choose life for this baby – praise God – but still, daily tasks like buying food, cooking, and cleaning are difficult, so she asked for help if there was anything we could do.

We usually visit the mothers after they give birth and give them a gift to bless and rejoice with them, hear more of their story, and share the Gospel with them. But in this case, because Malka’s need was so urgent, Rachel went to visit her with some food and clothing, and brought a believing woman with her from Malka’s area as well.

They had a wonderful conversation for about four hours – Malka had actually heard about our faith and even read the New Testament in the past, and she was still very open to hearing more. Rachel and the local believer were able to share their testimonies and Scriptures with her and pray for her. 

The local believer has continued to stay in touch with her and even started visiting Malka with another local believer. 
Still, Malka recently wrote Rachel and expressed the deep pain she’s dealing with because of the abuse she experienced. She said, “I cry all day…I need strength, peace, joy, and salvation!” The word for salvation in Hebrew is ישועה, almost identical to the name of Jesus, Yeshua, ישוע. Let’s pray she’ll realize that only in Him is there true salvation and healing!
Passover Evangelistic Campaign

Tens of thousands of Israelis read our evangelistic article about how Passover points to Yeshua, and we had over 1,000 comments, conversations, and phone calls within about a week! We also had a significant increase in people ordering New Testaments. 

Here’s just one specific example of a recent seeker: Dan has been thinking about Yeshua for a long time and even owned a New Testament once, until his parents found out and shredded it! He’s from a secular family with some religious influences, but he believes there’s “something special about Yeshua.”

He spoke with us and is willing to meet with us or other believers face to face. He had asked us to send a New Testament, but then backtracked. He does understand the seriousness of sin and how we can’t just repent and be cleansed through prayer alone.

Let’s pray for Dan and many others who are quite open but are still hesitating – that God would break off every fear and help them to find their Savior, Yeshua!
Please Pray with Us:
For revelation and salvation for the people of Israel– that the seeds sown through the Passover campaign and every other way will bear fruit!
For the Gospel aspect of the Pro-Life and Gospel Campaign – We’re so grateful that the number of women who are giving birth is greater than what we could possibly visit on our own. So we’re praying and working on establishing a system for finding, training, and coordinating believers from across Israel who can visit these precious families, show God’s love practically, and share the Gospel with them. Please pray for unity and the ability to work well with other organizations and congregations, and for many laborers for this harvest!
For more Israelis to choose life, including:Orel (20), who got pregnant right out of the army and both she and boyfriend want to study instead of bringing a child into the world.Idit (42), who has an appointment for an abortion next week. Her religious boyfriend wants this child, but she doesn’t.  
Protection and healing – Several of our team members and family members have had Corona or other sicknesses recently, which put some of us in isolation (including our family for over a week). While others have had major difficulties sleeping.
Unusual technical problems – including quite a few people suddenly and randomly receiving the incorrect language for our newsletters, with the email platform not providing a solution for it so far. We believe your prayers are so important, and the enemy is attacking your ability to receive these newsletters in a way you’ll understand!
For all our new projects – we’re re-launching videos on new platforms, launching new evangelistic and pro-life videos, working on new street interviews and on new outreaches, launching a new podcast, setting up our follow-up system, and more!

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