Muslims Having Visions of Jesus During Ramadan: ‘A Man in a White Robe Comes to Them’

visions of heaven and Jesus

04-28-2022 CBN News Wendy Griffith Benjamin Gill

As the Islamic holy month of Ramadan is nearing an end, Muslims have been praying and fasting with fervor, building up to the “Night of Destiny” when they seek a spiritual breakthrough. This year that “Night of Power” falls on April 28, tonight. 

Millions of Christians around the globe are also interceding on their behalf.

Uncharted Ministries has interviewed former Muslims who now follow Jesus, and many of them had supernatural encounters with Jesus during Ramadan. These former Muslims are sharing their stories of discovering Jesus as their savior and praying that others will have the same experience.Related

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Husein tells Uncharted Ministries that he was once a devout Muslim and extremely anti-Christian. But one year, during the week of Easter, Husein saw a Christian preacher on TV talking all about Jesus. He could not take his eyes off the broadcast. And then something supernatural happened to him.

“Suddenly, the Holy Ghost fell on me! I looked up and Jesus was there in front of me. I’d been a devout Muslim but as soon as I saw Him it was like seeing an old friend that I knew before. And I knew it was Jesus. And I knew something else. I knew that He was the Son of God!”

Many other former Muslims are telling their stories now too at, like Marziyeh from Iran:

Aisha, Nadine, Afshin, and Yasra are just of few of the others who also talk about growing up Muslim before finding the truth of Jesus Christ – their amazing testimonies can be seen on the I Found the Truth website. 

Yasra says she came to realize after encountering Jesus Christ, “He’s not a mad angry God who created me. He’s not that. He created me with so much love.”

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Tom Doyle of Uncharted Ministries says during this season, Muslim-background believers are praying not just for Muslims, but for Christians to learn how to share the gospel with them.

Why is it important to do this during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan?

Doyle says, “The last week is the most special week because it’s the night Muslims call the ‘Night of Destiny’ – the night of power where they just cry out to God.”

“That is the number one night of the year that Jesus appears to Muslims in dreams,” he explains. “They’re searching for God, and Jesus accommodates that request – but they’re shocked and they’re surprised when a man in a white robe comes to them and tells them that He loves them and He died for them on the cross.”

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***Elements of this story were first aired in 2021 during CBN’s “Jesus and Ramadan” program, co-sponsored by Uncharted Ministries.

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