Come enjoy an evening with Chaim Malespin from the Galilee, Israel

Photo: Chaim Malespin, Steve Martin, David Peterman, Menalu Gedamu – Tiberias, Israel April 2022

April 22, 2022 Charlotte, North Carolina

Greetings to friends and family of Love For His People.

If you have ever met Chaim Malespin you will not forget that moment. Some have called him the “Energizer Man”. He calls himself, “Chaim the Galilean”.

In the fall of 2018, I believe it was, I was attending the Aliyah Conference in Jerusalem, Israel, sitting with our good friends Nissim & Hadassah Lerner, Larry & Bess Herzekow, and a few new ones I met there for the first time. We had come from several countries, along with those from Israel, to prepare further with the Lord for the coming mass influx of new Jewish immigrants. This is called aliyah.

The time on my watch was 12:50 pm, just before the first afternoon session. We were all discussing the morning session and what the Lord was doing with the Jewish people worldwide, as He was bringing them home to their Land. Those living in the Land were joining up with us from other countries, sharing strategy and the mind of the Lord.

Suddenly, and I mean suddenly, in walks this young man, my guess in his early-mid 30s, and I literally thought he was some guy off the street, coming into this room, obviously to me in the wrong place. He was just not your typical “Israeli minister of any kind” and a person involved with this conference. Surely this was not someone anyone knew here.
But yet they all did!

“How are you doing, Chaim?” each said quickly, for if they didn’t they would not have gotten in a word edge-wise.
I was shocked. I really was. And then I heard he was the next speaker!

From that day forward I got to know Chaim and I still am continually amazed at his energy, his knowledge of the Word and historical facts, his heart for the Jewish people coming home, and above all, his deep love for Yeshua HaMashaich (Jesus the Messiah), his Lord and Savior.

This Messianic Jew is one you will want to come to meet and get to know too.

Laurie and I have spent several days and nights at the Aliyah Return Center near the Sea of Galilee, just south of Tiberias, where Chaim and his team invested $5,000,000 into rehabilitating earthquake-stricken buildings of a former Jewish boarding school, so IDF Lone Soldiers and newly arrived immigrants from the nations had a “landing place” in Israel.
We have shared the same house in Lakeland, Florida, as we were involved with CAFI, Christian Agency For Israel.
Chaim has spent several nights in our home here in the Charlotte, NC area.

This Galilean, from the Kinneret, Sea of Galilee area located in northern Israel, is the real deal. If there ever was a man I would choose to run a large operation, having been trained in the IDF, who could tape several videos a day, sing a Messianic worship song using his traveling guitar and interview countless guests and locals on his daily program, it would have to be Chaim Malespin as my man.

And then to have Joshua Aaron as one of your best friends, Dean Bye of Return Ministries (Canada) as your father-in-law, and get to marry Dean’s Canadien daughter named Deanna, now having a family with one daughter and two sons, along with a beautiful pet dog…

It must be the Galiean we call Chaim Malespin.

Along with Strength For Israel, a division of Christians For Messiah Ministries, founded by Dr. Peter Wyns and led by David Peterman, Love For His People invites you to spend the evening with us in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and get to know more of Chaim for yourself.

He will show you videos. He will certainly play a song on the guitar. He will tell you stories that you will never forget. And all this in less than an hour and a half I am sure.

The date is May 17, 2022. That is a Tuesday night here in the lovely Piedmont area of North and South Carolina, which is also a piece of God’s land on this side of the pond. 7 pm is the start time.

The location is: Antioch International Church 453 Glynwood Forst Dr. Fort Mill, SC 29732
The venue is located just over the Charlotte, NC border into South Carolina, off I77.

So that you can get even more of a taste of what you will hear and see, I recorded these three videos of Chaim in Tiberias last week, as David Peterman and I, along with Ethiopian Messianic Jewish Rabbi Kokeb Gedamu and his wife Melanu, walked with Chaim to the current Aliyah Return Center facilities. Believe me, I should get a prize for keeping up with him as I recorded him in action.

Watch these on our website: Chaim and the Aliyah Return Center facilities in Tiberias

Come on and be with us. You will want to meet Chaim and hear what exciting things the Lord God of Israel are doing in the Land, and specifically in the Galilee.

An offering will be taken to support him and the team, so please bring your fat wallets or large purses, with checkbook and cash in full, ready to give! (If you prefer using a credit card we will give instructions on how to do that at the meeting.)

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin, Love For His People ministry

Some info on Chaim Malespin from his Facebook page:

Managing director at Aliyah Return Center
Past: CarpentryStudied Government Diplomacy Strategy and History of the Middle East at IDC Herzliya
Graduated in 2010
Lives in Tiberias, Israel
From Corvallis, Oregon
Married to Deanna Malespin Since July 21, 2011

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