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April 20, 2022 Kobi and Shani – Maoz Israel

As our people have for thousands of years, this past week we celebrated the Passover Seder – in Jerusalem of course!


It’s always fun when Passover coincides with Resurrection Sunday, because you get Jews and Christians all in a festive mood at the same time. If you’re wondering why Jewish holidays (including national holidays like Independence Day) land on a different day every year it’s because we go by the Jewish calendar. So sometimes Resurrection Day (also called Easter Sunday) is celebrated several weeks after the Passover and sometimes the “resurrection” happens before Good Friday even takes place on the Jewish calendar.

Next week the long anticipated Maoz Israel Independence Tour sets out! We’ve been planning this since before COVID and took a serious step of faith earlier this year in going ahead with the plans, even though restrictions were still in place. So, you can imagine how excited we were to hear that any and all visitors can enter the country with just a negative test—no vaccines or quarantines required.

Of course, if you’ve ever come by our ministry headquarters in Jerusalem you know we aren’t lacking for things to do – so adding a tour to our schedule was quite the undertaking. But, if you’ve read enough of my writings, you know I have a soft spot for wanting people from the outside to experience Israel like we Israelis experience it. And so, the idea of the tour was birthed where we would travel across the country showing both the ancient locations from the Bible and the local hangouts. Our team will also be putting on a night of worship and the tour will finish out by celebrating Independence Day with the whole nation. Then the next day, just before their flight home, we’ll invite the whole tour for a cookout at our home (yes, the tour company said we were crazy too!). Tim, our photographer, will be documenting the whole trip. Can’t wait to show you photos!

Concerning MidEast Parenting:

This past week, a Haifa resident and single father of four noticed his oldest daughter missing. Her siblings said she had been watching video clips online and had been on the phone with her friend. When the father inquired of her friend, he was told the chilling sentence no sane parent would ever want to hear, “She went to Jerusalem to become a Shahid (martyr).” Immediately, the father called the police, “I need you to help me, my daughter is lost—she’s going to commit a terrorist attack in Jerusalem; I need you to find her!”

With the authorities on alert, the 15-year-old girl was arrested after stabbing and wounding a bystander. At the police station her father was beside himself, “This is not how I raised you! You will go and apologize to the family and wish the man you hurt a quick recovery …” (As honor is a major part of Arab culture, this was no small demand.) To his fellow Arabs he begged, “Pay attention to what your kids are watching. My daughter was watching the rioting from this past week when she decided to join ‘the fight’ herself.”

This is not the first time the younger generation of Muslims has been swayed from their civilized upbringing by online incitement. It’s a growing problem and is as difficult to control as kids coming across pornography or online predators.

  • What a mystery that You are infinite and beyond our comprehension, and yet You are our Father! How can we do anything but worship You?
  • As a Father You understand the longings for Your children to become all You created them to be.
  • We ask for You to intervene in families where the children are being led astray by promises of the glories of martyrdom in the name of Allah.
  • Alert parents when—and even before—their kids are exposed to the incitement. Let the parents know it is You, Yahweh, who is speaking to them to save their children.
  • We ask for those in the Muslim community who are considering committing terror attacks as an alternative to attempting suicide—may they be reached in time by friends, family, or others in the community.
  • We ask not just for their mental and emotional restoration, but for a complete snatching from the hands of the enemy and into the Kingdom of Light!
  • Israel’s coalition is hanging on by a thread. Its collapse would bring Israel to another round of potentially inconclusive elections. Hamas knows that a conflict between Israel and Palestinian Arabs could force Israel’s first and only Arab party in its coalition to pull out. We ask for stability in Israel’s government as You raise up new leaders for Israel’s future.
  • Remove from their minds the thin and fickle layer of humanistic and ignorant reasoning of why You are not who they think You are.
  • Give parents wisdom to know what friends to allow into the lives of their children and what friends to avoid.
  • Bring together those who love You so they will not feel alone, but will find close friendships with those of like mind and heart.
  • You see generational plans of the enemy—rescue the offspring of the wicked, and may the plans of darkness be cut off in this next generation.
  • Let the families of those who follow You be known for their joy, kindness, mutual respect and perseverance in pursuing You.

Your fellow intercessors,

Kobi and Shani Ferguson
and the entire Maoz Israel Team

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