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March 21, 2022 Israel

We’ve Only Just Begun…It has been almost a month since our lives got kicked into ‘high gear’ We’ve been more that busy watching the news in the Ukraine, holding ZOOM prayer meetings, texting to help make connections between Israel, Poland and the Ukraine… whew! We’ve only just begun…
All that is transpiring is breaking our hearts and we are continually asking the Lord what is our part in this season.  Mostly, we already know. He showed Nissim a few years ago to prepare for a massive Aliyah. In many ways, we are ready. Now we are preparing by filling the shipping container with blanket sets, welcome backpacks for children, babies, toiletries, and first aid kits. (Message us if you’d like to help with these welcome packs). We’ve only just begun…

The war was less than two weeks on when we started getting calls for housing. At this time, our guests are coming from Russia. (one man is here now. A young couple will arrive in April) The Russian Jews are seeing the writing on the wall and are getting out. There is almost an equal number from both countries at this time-6,000 from each.
We’ve only just begun.

  There are many who have come from the Ukraine AND Russia. Not all of these will remain. Some will desire to go back to their homes when things get better. We realize that this is a time of awakening for those of us in the Land to be ready when multitudes will come… and will stay. It is a broader time of working together, networking, sharing and caring. It’s heart-warming to see several ministries come together to plan and problem solve!! We’re sure it warms the Lord’s heart!

Our hearts are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and offerings from our friends to help during this crisis time. Prayers. Notes of encouragement. Finances. Suggestions. Uplifting songs. THANK YOU for walking this path with us! Prophecy tells us over and over again…
We’ve only just begun.

Family News
*Our oldest Grandchild, Avigail, will be getting married April 3rd. We’re not quite sure how the time passed so quickly but she’s an amazing young woman and we pray that they will find their path together in Yeshua and be His Delight.

Our Grandson soldier, Yishai, has just been promoted to Staff Sergeant! He will be getting married in June so this promotion will make great provision for him and his Bride

*Ezra will be going in the army soon, also. This makes the 3 eldest children of Sarah and Jake leaving home! 

Eliyahu (Phill and Bonnie’s son) will become Bar Mitzvah in April! Such a wonderful time of celebrations!

* Nissim officially retired from CBN the end of 2021. We felt it would make more time for him for the ministry– Little did we know! But God did and cleared the way before things became intense.

Prayer Needs
We are learning more and more each day how totally dependent on the Lord we are. Prayer is our starting place for all we do. We are amazed at how the Lord puts His desire in our hearts and then answers! 
-That we will hear the Lord clearly each step and obey
-When and where to open another housing facility
-Continued unity of the Believers in the Aliyah work.
– To not grow weary in well doing

Packing Children’s Activity Bags



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