Over 10 Million Views of Gospel Video in Ukraine! | Salvation for “An Impossible Case”

Ariel & Shayla Hyde
March 13, 2022 Tree of Life Ministries Israel

We’re delighted that God has been performing wonders to such an extent that we had to struggle over which salvation stories and stories of lives saved from abortion we would share!

Gospel Spreading in Ukraine in the midst of War

Our hearts are broken to see the destruction and loss of life taking place in Ukraine recently. There are 500,000 Israelis originally from Ukraine, so we personally are connected with many people whose families are in the war zone right now, and unfortunately, some of them haven’t heard from their family for quite some time.

But even what our spiritual enemy means for destruction, God is able to use for the eternal good of many, and our Ukrainian brothers and sisters have shared some incredible reports of people coming to faith.

We’re excited to see how God has used our evangelistic video “How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety” in Ukrainian and Russian. It has reached over 10 million views, almost all in Ukraine! 

We found a local believer, Inna, to respond to seekers in Ukrainian, and our team member Sasha is responding to people in Russian. In between sirens, losing electricity and internet occasionally, and many other challenges, Inna has been sharing in more depth with these precious people and even calling and praying with some of them! 

One lady asked if she could receive eternal life without officially joining a congregation yet, apparently because in her current situation that wouldn’t be possible. Inna explained that she just needs to repent of her sins and believe in Yeshua who died for her and rose again, and afterwards she could connect with a congregation. Let’s pray that this lady and many others would indeed give their lives to Yeshua, and even after this war passes, they will remain faithful.

It’s amazing to see the courageous spirit of many Ukrainians, defying such a massive enemy. But let’s pray that the courage won’t be a self-sufficient pride in their own strength, as we see in some of the comments (“We’re not afraid! We will win!”), but rather that they’d humbly realize that they could die soon and put their trust in Yeshua!
Salvation for “An Impossible Case”
We’d like to share an incredible story of what God has done with one of the most difficult evangelism “cases” we’ve ever dealt with.

Quite a few months ago, an Israeli woman named Shira called us after watching one of our videos. When our team members Yoni and Rachel would share with her, she would easily get insulted, and often rant and scream on the phone.

She has some kind of mental problems and often starts speaking about things totally unrelated to the topic, not finishing her train of thought and getting upset when we don’t understand. She’s shared about horrible things that have happened to her, and it’s clear she’s emotionally wounded.

So Yoni and Rachel kept patiently loving her and sharing the Gospel with her many times, but it seemed like the seeds of the Gospel weren’t falling on fertile ground. In December, we cut off the connection because it seemed like we were throwing our pearls before swine, and told her we needed to focus on helping people who are actually interested in knowing God.

But then, in February, she contacted us again and seemed a bit more receptive. She even said she’d be willing to meet, but when we told a pastor in her area about her, he wasn’t exactly excited to take on the case!

But Rachel set up a meeting together with Katty, a believing therapist in her area,and drove all the way to Shira’s city. But Shira was a no-show. How frustrating! But she promised that next time she’d really be there, and they set another appointment for Wednesday.

On Tuesday we celebrated Yoni’s birthday and I asked him what the highlight of the last year was for him. Someone jokingly said, “Shira!” knowing how difficult she’s been for him. He surprised us when he responded, “Well actually, if God does something in the meeting with Shira tomorrow – and I sense something good about that meeting – then that would be the highlight of the year for me.” So the next day, during the very time that we were praying with our Korean brothers and sisters for the salvation of Israel, Rachel and Katty were finally able to meet with Shira. Rachel said that they really felt the presence of the Lord in the room, and Shira listened closely to everything they shared (which was a miracle in itself!). And most importantly, Shira prayed in her own words to receive Yeshua as her Lord and Savior.

What an awesome, miracle-working God we serve! Please pray that Katty will have grace and wisdom to disciple her, and that Shira will be healed from her mental illness.

Shira and Rachel after Shira came to faith!
110 Babies Saved from Abortion We’re excited to share that by God’s grace, we’ve now had the privilege of helping to save 110 babies from abortion! Every week there are so many new stories we don’t have space to share them all, but here are just a few recent ones:

Thank you for praying for Ghina. She was set on having an abortion and had no plans to have more children, but as our counselor Roberta continued to follow up for the past few weeks, Ghina finally decided to keep this baby. Praise God! Please pray for her health, as the doctor has said she’s in a high risk pregnancy.Natalie was a scared 17-year-old when she called our hotline last June.  Her mother found out she was pregnant after she was hospitalized because her boyfriend had beaten her when he found out she was pregnant. But through her mother’s support and ours, Natalie  courageously kept the baby, and gave birth to a beautiful boy on Feb. 26. But a week and a half later, she and her newborn were both hospitalized due to a bug they caught, so we’d appreciate your prayers for them. 
Natalie courageously kept the baby!

Please Pray with Us: Wisdom in Leading and Delegating – As we’ve been rebuilding our systems and structures to become more effective and fruitful, I’ve been realizing that too much was dependent on me and that I haven’t been delegating well enough. I’d like to ask for your prayers for supernatural wisdom to lead this team well and to help each person to fulfill their calling to the fullest extent. 

For a wave of more and more salvations in Israel – that the Word of God would reach the multitudes and stir their hearts to seek and find their Messiah!

Growth and Boldness for New Believers – Varisha, the Egyptian former Muslim new believer, has been sharing the Gospel with her sister in spite of great danger to her life. Her sister has already read Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus, and is somewhat convinced that Yeshua is the Messiah but is afraid of the consequences if she comes to faith. Let’s pray for all the new believers to boldly share their faith and see fruit!

For more Israelis to choose life – please pray for these women and others, who are considering an abortion right now: Effat is a single Muslim Arab desperately wanting to abort. Please pray for Arab girls such as Effat who are afraid of their own family killing them for getting pregnant and bringing shame on their family. Pray for God’s protection of the baby and mother to choose life. Tammi is a young Israeli soldier who wants to do an abortion. During their two-year military service, all girls get three free abortions, so it’s amazing she even called us! But we praise God she did and pray she keeps this child even though she’d be discharged as a result.
Many blessings in Messiah!
Ariel and Shayla Hyde
On behalf of the Tree of Life Ministries Team

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