The History of Presidents Day, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln | Drive Thru History Special

Feb. 20, 2022 Drive Thru History 45.7K subscribers

Drive Thru History: Happy Presidents Day! Our host Dave Stotts shares the history behind this national holiday by taking a close look at the lives, achievements, and presidencies of former presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

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Happy Presidents’ Day! 1:50 James Sings Us Through the Presidents 3:53 Traveling to Virginia to Celebrate the Life and Legacy of George Washington 10:51 The History and Importance of Vally Forge 16:38 Dave Hits the Road to Philadelphia! 18:41 George Washington is Elected the 1st President of the USA 21:36 Washington’s Farewell Address 24:36 George Washington’s Final Days 25:42 Visiting George and Martha Washington’s Tombs 26:57 An Inside look at the Washington Library 30:03 The Legacy of George Washington around Washington D.C. 31:27 The History of the Washington Monument 35:03 Off to Springfield, Illinois to the Abraham Lincoln Library 36:35 Lincoln’s Early Years 39:05 The Lincoln Family Home and Neighborhood 40:24 Lincoln’s “House Divided” Speech 42:45 Honest Abe Becomes President and the Confederacy is Born 44:40 Abraham Lincoln Issues the Emancipation Proclamation 45:37 The Crucial Battle of Gettysburg 48:17 Lincoln Delivers the Gettysburg Address 50:37 Abraham Lincoln in Re-elected President and He Encourages Reconciliation 51:48 America Pays Respect to its Fallen President 54:07 Happy Presidents’ Day

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