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Dec. 7, 2021 Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Greetings to friends and family of Love For His People.
Over the years we meet several people who just happen to touch our lives the very moment we meet them. Maybe it is their broad smile, their gentle warmth, their sweet spirit that speaks volumes in the first few minutes we encounter them.

So it was in February of 2019 when I was introduced to Pastor Yeshudas on my second trip to India. Along with Pastor John Ebenezer and the driver, we had traveled the narrow roads from Khamman to Konta in southeast India, a journey that took four hours one way. It was worth the day trip.

Yeshudas Bavirisetty, along with his young wife Pritima, pastor the congregation in Konta, in the Sukma State, Chattishgarh. At the time their young son Daniel completed their family. When John introduced me to Yeshudas, I was surprised at his youth, but what amazed me the most was his genuine heart, which I knew right away was the real deal. His large smile, and even his heartfelt greeting in English, made me think right away that this was one whom the Lord had chosen to really care for those entrusted to him.

When I was later introduced as the conference speaker before the assembly of the 40 pastors and members of the church, I publicly told them, pointing to Yeshudas, that he was a pastor after their own heart, for his heart indeed was for them.The joy and hospitality of the people actually surprised me, and especially that of this pastor and young family. As they delightfully gave me a tour of the church property, I was taken aback at the one-room that Yeshudas, Pritima, and Daniel had as their home. A double bed occupied the main area in the single room, with a sink, some shelves, a TV on the wall, and I believe a refrigerator along another wall. That was it. This was their “home” attached to the back of the main church building.

Later Yeshudas showed me a structure of about 20 yards away from the church, which was to be the main pastoral house. Four block walls had been constructed years ago, with some sections left open for windows. No roof had yet been put in place.

I asked him, “How much would it take to complete the home?”

His response, “About $7,000.”

If I had $7,000 I would have given it to him right then and there.

Over these past two years, Love For His People ministry has been able to send some funds, but not anything close to getting the house finished.

Last week Yeshudas told me they were working on the house to proceed in the construction. Now that a second son has joined the family, with newborn Joseph coming in November, the need for adequate space in a real home is all the more desired.I rarely have sent out “appeal” or fundraising requests, but this time I am sharing this “just in case” you sense the urge to be a part of this home building project. I know Yeshudas and Pritima, along with their two sons, would greatly appreciate having some more footage in which to live and grow.

Please pray and ask the Lord of your involvement for them. All funds received will go directly to Yeshudas and their family. Together let’s help them finish their home. See below for ways to give now.

Ahava and shalom,
Steve Martin, Love For His People founder

P.S. Yeshudas doesn’t know we are doing this for them. What a Christmas blessing! 

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Below photos: Sons Daniel and newborn Joseph; home construction

Trust Me Still – Your Faith in God by Steve Martin
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It was in that home that we grew in knowledge and truth to trust in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

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Since those years have come and gone, my faith in Him has grown, been tested, and still stands strong, continuing to trust in Him day in and day out.

I hope these following chapters encourage you in your walk of faith. And at the end of your days, you will be known as one who has stood strong, still trusting in the Living God. He alone is the One Who can take you to the end, and who constantly watches over Israel and all believers in Him. He is the One too Who is coming back soon again.

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