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Nov. 18, 2021 Charlotte, NC USA

“And so it happened that they all were brought safely to land.” Acts 27:44, NASB

In reading the book of Acts, we know that Paul is sent to Rome from Caesarea to face trial for preaching the Gospel. With the means of a sailing ship on the Mediterranean Sea the fastest mode of travel in his days, they began their journey just before winter was to set in. Not a good idea.

Repeatedly Paul told the captain of the ship that it was unwise to continue, but rather it was best to wait until spring when the weather would be more cooperative and sailing more certain. But the captain didn’t listen. He kept on pursuing his plan, which ultimately destroyed the ship. If it wasn’t for Paul’s presence on the boat and trusting in the Lord to carry him through the turmoil, all would have been lost.

Paul encouraged the non-believing captain and crew to hang on, that even though much if not all of what they had on the ship in cargo would be lost, the lives of the crew and the prisoners would be spared. He continually spoke of the Lord’s provision, even though they did not want to hear about his God.

Even in the midst of the chaos and destruction, Paul lived and eventually made it to the destination in Rome, as the Lord had willed, to fulfill his destiny. You can read the full account in Acts 27-28.

This is a compelling historical story that can be shared today. Many of the nations in our world are in the same situation.

With the world governments and leaders, elected or not, hell-bent on taking their countries down the wrong road in every area of society – spiritually, economically, and morally – shipwreck will be the ultimate result. History has been repeated so often as nations, apart from God, set their own ungodly paths and thus reap the destructive results. Rome in Paul’s day is a prime example.

This biblical example is an encouragement to us. Even during total chaos and upheaval, Paul stood in faith and expressed it publicly to those around him. When the leader of the crew refused to listen and heed Paul’s word from God, Paul’s commitment to hear and speak out eventually brought mercy and salvation to all on ship. His stand in the midst of an ongoing shipwreck glorified God and proved that his God was the ultimate salvation, for all who would call upon His Name.

We are living in a shipwreck as the leaders of our nations continue to direct and implement laws and commands that go against the Word of God, which are being set to control and keep people from having the freedom given to us by the Lord. They are usurping power and manipulating circumstances to further put bondage upon the people. Using fear, sickness, financial indebtedness, and societal fences to keep people corralled, the path ahead continues to lead to destruction.

As believers, we are called upon as Paul did to stand in faith, to keep proclaiming the salvation of the Lord, and await His timing to bring us to the fulfillment of His plans and purposes. Even though the enemy of our soul continues to batter and bruise us with ongoing attacks, in every area of our life, we can trust that the Lord, seated above, is in full control.

We know the end of the story, the last completed chapter of the Book.

Our God wins.

Ahava and shalom,

Steve Martin, Love For His People founder

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Steve Martin

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