Only G-d can bring us to springs of living water. May you find healing and restoration in “The Latter Rain” – Richard & Carolyn Hyde

July 17, 2021
Only G-d can bring us to springs of living water. May you find a place of healing and restoration in this song, “The Latter Rain”.The Early Rain came at Shavuot, Pentecost, where power was poured out for the Gospel to go forth to the nations. The Latter Rain began with G-d bringing the Jewish people back to the Land, causing the desert to blossom. Israel was then established as a nation and later Jerusalem was restored as a Jewish city. Today G-d’s Spirit is being poured out in ways we couldn’t imagine. Hearts are being softened and scales are coming off their eyes. The great harvest is beginning here in Israel. The rains are coming…

We remember how a few years ago we were thrilled to hear that 24,000 Israelis saw our outreach videos over a three month period, but now over 45,000 are viewing our videos daily! Please pray for divine protection, inspiration and more laborers in the harvest field for these young men as they respond to local seekers and make new videos that proclaim Yeshua, the Holy One of Israel!

While walking through Tsfat, five women from Brooklyn asked for directions to the Old City, so since I was going there, we walked together. Of course I asked if they were considering Aliyah, but only the granddaughter was interested. I was glad to answer her many questions with advice and as I explained the Aliyah Scriptures to the others, the grandmother interrupted me to say, “I know that we’re like frogs in a pot that is getting ready to boil.”Incredulous, I asked, “So why won’t you come home now?!””It’s not so bad yet and we’re still comfortable in New York.” – WOW!

ALTAR OF PRAYER on the streets! Recently Richard and I prayer-walked in Nahariya and the border of Lebanon with our wonderful online team of committed intercessors. When a cafe waitress heard me praying with the group, she said her Mom is a believer but she’s not. Yet with her permission, we prayed for her to see her Messiah. When I asked an older man if we could pray for him, his response was, “If you want to pray, there’s a synagogue over there!” Sadly many Jews believe you can only pray in a building with a Siddur, prayer book, but he was also blessed by the group.

On the border when we told two soldiers in a van about the group of Christians who are praying for them, one jumped out of the front seat to open the back door so we could meet the whole unit of combat soldiers! The prayers of an intercessor from Kenya really touched the soldiers’ hearts and when a Canadian lady exclaimed, “We love you!”, the soldiers responded with, “We love you too!” Please join us every Wednesday from 3-6PM Israeli time –Click here to register then enter here.

We recently met with our neighbor and friend, Joshua Aaron to write a song for the Altar of Prayer. We began recording together but plan to finish the project after we all return to Zion…Since sharing the vision for our upcoming journey to Little Egypt and the Midwest down to Texas, Adonai has give many confirmations as friends from around the world have responded with more puzzle pieces. We hope to see you along the way from Ohio to Texas!

While pondering 2 Peter 1:6-7,10, I was so impressed with this phrase, “As long as you practice these things, you will never stumble.” Since we NEVER seek nor desire to stumble, I began to dive into these seven clues that will keep us focused on Adonai. This is our prayer for you and your loved ones and for us here in Zion – may we all be filled to overflowing with these qualities: Moral excellence, Knowledge, Self-control, Perseverance, Godliness, Brotherly kindness and Love!

Blessings in Yeshua’s love, Carolyn and Richard ‌  ‌  ‌

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We write L-rd or G-d or יהוה (a Jewish custom Carolyn grew up with) but it’s all for reverence for the Holy One of Israel. Thank you for understanding.
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Steve Martin

STEVE & LAURIE MARTIN - LOVE FOR HIS PEOPLE FOUNDERS My good wife Laurie and I (45 years in October 2022!), through the ministry of Love For His People we founded in 2010, give love and support for our friends in Israel and in other nations with friendship, humanitarian aid, and social media support, along with Steve's messages, and our Ahava Adventures trips to Israel. Steve has also authored and published 34 books. We live in the Charlotte, NC area. We have four adult children, spouses, and eight grandkids.

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