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June 13, 2021 The Snipe Life 4.21K subscribers


Today we talk about every main character that appears in The Chosen Season 1. There are so many characters introduced that I know some people were confused. So I wanted to explain all of the Main characters and give them some context within the season. Hope you’re all doing well! Here is the list of characters: 1) Mary Magdalene / Lilith 2) Nicodemus / Zohara 3) Quintus 4) Matthew 5)Gaius 6) Shmuel 7) Sim Peter 8) Andrew 9) Eden 10) Jesus 11) John 12) Big James 13) Little James 14) Thaddeus 15) Zebedee 16) John the Baptist 17) Mary ( Mother of Jesus) 18) Joseph 19) Thomas 20) Ramah 21) Photina Honorable mentions: Moses, Joshua, Jacob Our favorite fancy bibles (Alabaster co):

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