Famed Israeli Archaeologist Eilat Mazar Passes Away

Dr. Eilat Mazar

Photo: Dr. Eilat Mazar

May 27, 2021 CBN News Jerusalem Chris Mitchell

One of Israel’s leading archaeologists and a dear friend of CBN, 64-year-old Dr. Eilat Mazar died on May 25th. 

For years, Mazar served as an archaeology professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Archaeology. Mazar began her archaeological career as a young girl and followed in the footsteps of her father and her grandfather, Benjamin Mazar who excavated the Land of Israel during the British Mandate period.  Eilat Mazar specialized in the Phoenician culture of Israel’s northern coastal plain and directed excavations in the City of David and the Temple Mount’s southern wall. 

During her tenure, Mazar discovered the possible remnants of King David’s palace in the City of David and a portion of an ancient city wall presumed to be built by King Solomon in the area known as the Ophel.  Related

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In 2013, Mazar unearthed a trove of gold coins and a rare Byzantine medallion with a menorah (candelabra) etched into it.  Most recently, Mazar made headlines when she unearthed clay seals “Belonging to Hezekiah, (son of) Ahaz, King of Judah” and later, seals that may have belonged to Isaiah the Prophet.

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CBN News interviewed Mazar many times about her discoveries.  She often drew a clear connection between her archaeological finds and the Biblical record.  She also appeared in CBN Documentaries’ recent film, “Written in Stone: The House of David.” 

Mazar is survived by a daughter and three sons.

Here are some of the stories CBN News did with Mazar along with a link to the CBN Documentary “Written in Stone: House of David” where Mazar appeared as an expert. 

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