May I Have Your Attention Please? by Nancy Shupp

May 3, 2021 Highway To Zion Ministry Charlotte, North Carolina

In my mind I saw a diverse group of people in what looked like a large conference room.  A man stepped to the podium and in almost a whisper said “May I have your attention please?”.  Only those closest to him heard him and took their seats.  The man repeated his request in a normal speaking voice and a few more heard him, sat down and became quiet.   He repeated this request several times with a louder and louder voice each time.  After each request a few more people paid attention.  But others were still carrying on their own conversations and milling about the room.  Finally, he banged a gavel on the podium and roared with a voice that seemed to shake the room “May I have your attention please?”.  All activity stopped immediately and everyone took their seat, their eyes riveted on the speaker.  He finally had everyone’s attention.

I knew this was a picture of what the Lord has been trying to do in this last season of time before his return.  He whispered his request for attention, but only those who were very close to him and those who were actively listening for his voice heard him.  He gave them their instructions and they began worshipping him with a new fervor and love.  As he increased the volume of his request for attention, more of his children turned from the distractions of the world and listened to their end-time assignment.

After several increases of volume, most believers still hadn’t heard and responded to his request.  So he allowed a world-wide pandemic, with all of the changes it brought about to try to cause them to draw near enough to hear him and receive his instructions.   Many more responded and took their place in the final drama of the ages.

I believe the next “may I have your attention please” will be directed both to his children who still haven’t responded and to those that have rejected him as Savior.  God will use those believers who have listened to his call in an outpouring of signs, wonders and miracles to show the world his love and power.  Unbelievers will be given a glorious picture of our Heavenly Father through those who hear his voice and obey his instructions.  The Lord is going to pull out all the stops to try to keep anyone from perishing.

This is an awesome time to be a child of God.  A time like no other in history.  We can be used in ways that we can’t even imagine and that will astound both us and the world.  Now is the time to listen more closely than ever before to make sure we are faithfully following every instruction we hear.  Now is the time for a faith that can’t be shaken to be our constant companion and strength.  Now is the time to believe for the impossible, the incredible, the unimaginable. 

I wish that this “may I have your attention” would be the last one needed, but sadly we know that isn’t true.  Even after this great outpouring of love and wooing to accept Yeshua as Savior, many will continue in their own, sinful way, paying no attention to the call to repent.  The book of Revelation tells us of God’s final “may I have your attention please” – his judgements that finally causes the whole world to take notice.   But even then, many will not repent, but choose to go their own way.

Rev 9:20a  And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands
Rev 9:21  Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. 

Rev 16:9  And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory. 

God will get our attention, whether it be by a still, small voice or the earth-shattering voice of judgement.  Let’s determine in our hearts that he will always have our undivided attention and we’ll be used to bring millions to salvation before it’s too late. 
Lord, speak, your children stand ready to do great exploits for your kingdom.

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Cathy Hargett

Highway to Zion Ministries, Inc.

Steve Martin

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