Mike Lindell Talks with CBN News About New Social Media Venture: ‘Once Again, One Nation Under God’

03-24-2021CBN News

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ABOVE:  Mike Lindell appeared on the Wednesday afternoon edition of CBN’s Newswatch to talk about his new social media venture. Newswatch is seen weekdays on the CBN News Channel

Christian and conservative businessman Mike Lindell, who’s known for his hugely popular My Pillow brand, has announced his plans for a new business venture in the wild, untamed universe of social media.  

Lindell plans to launch his own alternative social media website called Frank. Related


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The social media giant Twitter permanently banned Lindell back in January, claiming he repeatedly violated their civic integrity policy with his posts. 

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In an interview that aired Wednesday afternoon on CBN’s Newswatch, Lindell spoke about his new venture and who he believes will support his effort. 

“It’s going to bring back our free speech,” Lindell said. “Influencers, people that have print, podcasts, and TV can actually talk without getting taken down by YouTube.”

When asked about having parameters or allowing content that he did not like, he answered, “Most of these are influencers. We are not going to allow pornography and you know, the things you would not allow. But we are certainly going to let people talk about things. Talk about anything the administration’s doing, like the borders.”

“Actually the platform is called Frank. And Frank means free, forthright, and sincere expression,” Lindell explained. “We’re bringing back our First Amendment right of free speech and that’s what’s been suppressed in our country.”

He said the website will allow users to express themselves without having to “rely on your Apples, and your Amazons, and your YouTubes, and your Googles, and your sucker punch from Facebook, and all of these people who are completely suppressing us.”

“It almost feels like we’re in a communist country or back in Nazi Germany where the first thing they take away is your communications and then they cancel you out,” Lindell told CBN News. “It’s terrible what’s going on.” 

When asked about the response to his new social media site, he said “everyone is excited.”

“For me, it’s about the people out there that used to be able to speak out and talk about things, whether it was political or anything with our lives. And they are getting canceled on these sites,” Lindell noted. “Like I have friends of mine that lost all of their Facebook, all of their Twitters, and all of their YouTube channels. Well, now they’re so excited that they are going to be able to actually speak the truth again, or at least their opinions, and not get canceled out.”

“So we’re encouraging anyone who comes over to this platform, I’m encouraging them to get canceled on their YouTube. I’m going to give them a bonus,” he continued. “Here, you get a bonus, because I know you’re speaking out. Everyone’s excited. All of the influencers out there, all of the podcasters, a lot of them have lost their livelihoods. And now, they’ll get their livelihoods back, because the people are going to follow. Everybody is going to come here.”

“I just want to have a place where everybody can talk,” Lindell said. 

“It’s not just a place for conservatives or Christians or whatever, this is for everybody,” he maintained. “What I believe is going on in our country, everybody is seeing it. I think when we get through all of this, this cancel culture, this taking away of our First Amendment. When we get through all of this and this election’s figured out, get these machines out of our country, it’s going to be a great uniting, not just politics, but also of all people where we’re going to have the greatest revival in history and it’s going to be once again one nation under God.”

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