March 12, 2021 Mario Murillo Ministries

There once was a preacher who was just plain boring. How boring? A man on the back pew became so angry about it that he went outside and got a brick. When he came back in, he threw the brick at the preacher. But it fell short and ended up hitting a man sitting in the front row in the back of his head. The victim stood up reeling, and said, “Hit me again, I can still hear him.” 

Tonight, I felt just like that man. Joe Biden’s speech was pure torture. I just wanted it to stop.

I am a man of God. I am trying to exercise restraint and grant due respect. But there comes a time when the corruption and madness is so beyond the pale that human decorum must be set aside for the sake of truth and decency.

It is difficult to say which part of the speech was the most unbearable. It was as if the father of lies had written the speech.

Was it the outrageous lie at the beginning, where He accused Trump of causing thousands to die of Covid because he was too slow to stop the virus? What a lie! And when you realize that it was Democrats who fought Trump’s efforts, it becomes a vicious lie.

Remember how Biden called Trump a racist for blocking flights to America from China? Remember Fauci telling us that the virus was not going to be a problem for America and that there was no need to take precautions? Remember Nancy Pelosi and Bill De Blasio cheering people on to go to Chinese New Year’s celebrations and to go to restaurants? Remember when they said that the protests should not stop because of the pandemic?

It is absolutely horrible that over 500,000 people have died, but remember―it was the Democrats who had estimated there would be over 2 million deaths. Trump’s valiant efforts helped stem the disaster.

Biden lied about reopening schools. Scientists say that it is safe for children to go back to school right now. Biden wants kids to stay out until the fall.

He boasted that the Covid relief bill was to fight the virus and help Americans. What a lie! 240 million of it goes to the arts—art by the way that is often blasphemous. Nancy Pelosi won 600 million for San Francisco—a city that just voted to defund the police by $160 million.

Millions more go to Blue states–not one dollar to Red states. And more millions go to countries that hate us.

Biden became embarrassing trying to make July 4th a soft reopening for Americans to gather in small groups. He even threatened to shut things down again, if necessary.

But the worst thing he said was that we must unify and trust the government. His exact words were: “Put trust and faith in our government…” Not, “Put faith in God alone,” but trust the government – the very existence of which, now residing in the White House, is based on lies and fraud.

Putting the government in more control of our lives is like having the weasel guard the chicken coop.

As the Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden found out, Biden does not want unity. He does not keep his word. He does not want the nation to heal. He says what the progressive tyrants who own him want him to say.

Tonight reinforced dreadful news about Biden.  This man did not get here by the will of the people. This man has no clue about what America needs to do.

This is supposedly the leader of the free world. But his painful lecture had no vision, no inspiration, and no hope. It sounded more like he was officiating at the funeral of America.

Only one good thing came out of this travesty. America saw for certain why we need to get to the bottom of what happened on November 3rd. Tonight, America saw the proof. After this dishonest and defeatist speech, it is crystal clear that there is no way this man could have been the people’s choice.

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