Feb. 25, 2021 Mario Murillo Ministries

As irresistible as it may seem now—as mighty and unstoppable as it looks now—I want you to remember that I told you this. The Woke movement will go down in American history as the stupidest, most embarrassing abandonment of common sense, ever.

Historians will scratch their heads. They will ask themselves how on earth anyone could have taken such cringe-worthy idiocy seriously. The tombstone of Wokeness will read, “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?”

So, what is it exactly about Woke that makes it so banal, insipid and intent on self-destructing? What makes it so vulnerable to collapse? Why will this soufflé not rise twice? The answer is found in an admonition from the Bible. 1 Peter 3:9 says, “Do not overcome evil with evil.”

Wokeness will implode under the weight of its own moronic self, because it is using evil to overcome evil.

The all-wise Woke ones believe they are taking us from bad to good, but, because what they are doing is itself evil, they can only take us from bad to worse. A lot worse!

Take their solution to sexual equality. It is evil. The Woke are not working for LGBTQ equality. They are working for domination. If you do not use the sanctioned pronouns—if you do not deny science and call people by whatever gender they “self-identify” with, you will be cancelled.

The Woke don’t want inclusion. They want exclusion. And they want it in its worst form. They don’t want diversity. They want a standard mind, a standard opinion and an unquestioning allegiance to a vast contradiction.

But it will fail because Biden’s new Equality Act will not bring equality. It will instead destroy equality, because it comes from an evil premise. A premise of brutality and religious persecution.

The Left brutally erases any opinion that is not Woke. But they also want to erase the person. They do not want dissenters to make a living. They want private information put out there on the street for the purpose of harassing, threatening and attacking. And, they want to hit houses when wives and children are alone.

You can count on Wokeness to make anything it touches much worse than it was before. Ah yes, racism is the shining example of their braindead philosophy.

Somewhere Satan is laughing because of how close he came to losing his favorite form of hatred: Racism. America was well on its way to amazing progress, when someone decided to get minorities to stop working on their future and, instead, regurgitate the past.

Let me explain how Woke works. At the top of the pile are people who only want power and money. But they also need camouflage. What better way to hide greed and a lust for power than to ‘virtue-signal.’ You know, look like a do-gooder and talk in ethereal terms about climate, race, gender, and well, you know the list.

Now, your job as a Woke liberal is to deceive the young who are prone to idealism. Identify villains and make it cool and enlightened to hate. Only they will tell you it is not hate—it is all for the greater good.

Back to Satan. He laughed because he almost lost racism until he mutated the virus of racism so that now racism looks like anti-racism. Wokeness says, hating white people and assuming all of them are arrogant is not racism. Forcing them all to be reprogrammed is not racial oppression. Universities who ban white students from clubs and classes—well, that can’t be racism.  Coca Cola foolishly instructed its workforce to be racist by making them think they were becoming unracist. Coke went Woke, and may go broke.

Magically, the civil rights movement ‘woke’ up at war with Martin Luther King. He hoped for the day when content of character would mean more than skin color.  Wokeness believes white people have no character. That is why hell is rejoicing. Racism survived by changing form!

Satan is wrong. He is always wrong. The Woke joke is going to fall in on itself in a heap of sputtering rubble. Because it is a lie—a heinous contradiction—and it is evil and hateful at heart.

Already the mask is coming off of this absurd experiment. Yes, right now, people are fooled, but I don’t believe it will last. As the old saying goes, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” 

Wokeness…be on notice: your fifteen minutes of fame is almost over.

But there is one last reason Wokeness has an expiration date: it hates the Gospel of Christ. It is in the Gospel that we find what Wokeness can never deliver. Racial equality is in Christ. Natural love and the key to functional families is in Christ. Economic justice is in Christ. The Gospel remains the greatest news mankind has ever heard. Wokeness, on the other hand, is an embarrassing counterfeit.

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