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The outpouring of love for my mom was astounding. Tens of thousands of people around the world sent wonderful and powerful words of comfort. My family is deeply, deeply grateful.

As far as grieving, I can only speak for myself. My mom’s death hit me hard. The tribute I wrote about her is the hardest thing I ever had to write. For days, I felt strangely detached from life and all the people around me.

I got to the point where it felt inappropriate to do any work. Then it hit me. What is the most important thing you must know after you have lost someone you love so deeply? You must know what they would want you to do.

So many times, bereaved individuals have said, “They would have wanted it this way.” When talking about how a loved one would want their funeral—how they would want to be remembered—and most of all, how they would want us to carry on, you just know.

What would mom want me to do? The answer is clear to anyone who knew her. She would want me to get back in the fight, as soon as possible. She would urge me to keep moving forward. She would exhort me to turn my deep sense of loss into an even greater passion to fight for America, and win lost souls.

The last 7 days have taken a massive toll on the Christian and American family. Let us never forget! It is not just famous people who have died. We have heard from so many who have recently lost husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. It is clear that we are a nation in mourning.

The list of the famous who have recently passed on includes: Rush Limbaugh, Apostle Frederick K. C. Price, and Gospel singer Carman Liciardello. Each one leaves a great hole to fill. Each one has pioneered something. Each one would tell us the same thing as my mom: ‘We must keep moving forward!’

Rush Limbaugh must be replaced by new voices. This man, who rattled the timbers of God-hating leftists, who slew countless Marxist and Secular progressive dragons, commands fresh minds and brave thinkers to arise and fill the void. He had a close relationship with Jesus Christ, and, I know that right now, he is exhorting his replacements to rise up.

Apostle Frederick K. C. Price is delivering a much fierier exhortation. You can still hear him provoking supernatural faith in everyone. You can still feel the force of his preaching. Sometimes while he was preaching, a great smile would beam from his face. Other times, he would deliver a deadly- serious call to live righteously, and preach about the limits of both the devil and false religion.

Apostle Price’s God was big, mighty, and close at hand, to turn the average person into a world-shaking weapon of Christ. If you were anywhere near him, you would know why you can’t doubt and you can’t settle and, most of all: ‘You can never quit!’

Carman Liciardello­ broke every Christian Gospel Music mold there was. He did not just introduce new music—he introduced a new era. By leaving the beaten path, and the safe road, he did what his hero Andrae Crouch did: he took Christian music to the masses. He took it to those who were lost and most needed to hear it. From the ramparts of heaven, he too is exhorting us that Christian music needs another revolution of soulwinning relevance.

Cristina Murillo: Yes, I am going to say one more thing about my mom. In a world of glaring selfishness, in a world where pregnancy is almost considered a disease, my mom is preaching to us all—as no one else can! We must rid America of the greatest evil to ever see the light of day—abortion.

This heinous slaughter of the innocent is from hell, and it is why there is a curse on America. If there is a sin that will bring down the judgment of God, it is the mass murder of the unborn.

I am convinced that a new prolife ministry will be born in my mother’s honor, and will be fueled by her example.

There it is: a blog written out of my grief and the realization that we must move forward. We must turn our deep losses, whatever they may be, into a burning fire within. A fire that urges us to do more to fight for the Truth, than we have ever imagined.

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