March for Life Participants: No Frightening Pandemic or Frigid Cold Snap Could Keep Them Away

01-30-2021 CBN News Paul Strand


Rather than bring a few hundred thousand pro-life activists together in close quarters, the March for Life decided to go mostly virtual this year. So that gave supporters around the world a chance for the first time to all join together for the day’s events online and live.

But some still decided to march physically on the U.S. Supreme Court to bear witness to the more than 62 million babies killed since that court legalized abortion nationwide.

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They didn’t let a pandemic or freezing cold weather deter them.

“We’re not a fair-weather crowd,” New Jersey Republican Rep. Chris Smith, head of the congressional pro-life caucus, told CBN News. “We are people who are committed to protecting the weakest and most vulnerable and to help mothers. And there’s no obstacle that we will allow to stand in our way…and weather is the least of it.”

Shivering nearby, Autumn Lindsey of Students for Life of America added, “It really shows the resilience of the pro-life generation.  That no matter the circumstances, no matter the weather, we will find a way to be outspoken and to be passionate and to be here to speak up for the pre-born.”

Many among the marchers are concerned that abortion supporters have taken the White House and both houses of Congress. But March for Life President Jeanne Mancini admonished them to keep up the fight no matter the obstacles.

“We’ve got a lot to be doing, but don’t be discouraged. We’re winning in the court of public opinion. Young people are primarily pro-life. Abortion numbers for the most part keep going down,” Mancini pointed out.

She added, “Now there are still over 800,000 (abortions) a year, so it’s very daunting; we have a lot of work to do. But discouragement? No. We’ve got our tasks ahead of us.”
As for the pre-March rally that usually fills up a big chunk of the National Mall, this year it was all virtual but featured some of America’s most prominent pro-life leaders.  

That included Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly, who mourned what those aborted might have achieved, mentioning, “People who would have grown up and discovered cures to deadly diseases, invented and pioneered new technologies, helped lead our nation, and improved neighborhoods, loved others and made the world a richer and happier place.”  

The March for Life is held annually to mark January 22nd, 1973 when the U.S. Supreme Court decided in its Roe v. Wade ruling that abortion is a constitutional right.     

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