“The Great Divides” – Article by Nancy Shupp, Highway To Zion (Cathy Hargett)

Jan.25, 2021 Charlotte, North Carolina

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Shalom, Shalom, Friends of Highway to Zion!

Just wanted to share a very powerful and anointed prophetic article by Nancy Shupp who is part of our HTZ Kehila.  This article will draw your heart to Yeshua.  It is a call to every true believer – apathy and lukewarmness are not options for us. The article appears below:

The Great Divides by Nancy Shupp

Our nation is divided politically, racially, and socioeconomically.  Churches are divided between those who support abortion and gay marriage and those who don’t.  Families are divided because of infidelity, substance abuse and selfishness.  But in the coming season, we are going to experience three divisions that cause these divisions to pale in comparison.

The next great divide is in the body of Christ.  When we read scripture, we see a great revival and harvest foretold at the end of the age.  But we also see a great apostasy and falling away prophesied for that same time period.  The next divide will determine which group we as believers will be in. One of the most heartbreaking verses in the Bible is Rev 3:16  “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth”.  God is talking to the Laodicean church, which most scholars believe is the end-time church right before the return of the Lord.  Our purpose as God’s children is to show His love and power to those who don’t know Him so that they will turn to Him and be saved.  But when our lives have a form of Godliness, but deny the power thereof, there is nothing to draw people to salvation.  In fact, it does the very opposite, which is why it makes God sick.  Christians who’ve turned their back on God aren’t as destructive as those who proclaim they’re saved, but their lives don’t line up with the abundant, power-filled, glorious life we’re supposed to be living.

When others see no real difference in our lives than in theirs, it makes it easy for them to believe they’re okay and Christianity is just one belief among many.  If we worry and fret over the same things they do and live like they do with the exception of going to church, there’s no clear picture of the benefit of being God’s child. That’s why the next divide will be to separate a remnant of believers to participate in the last great revival and harvest.  The majority of believers will be deceived and fall away from the truth and be irrelevant in God’s last move.

What determines which side of the divide we will be on?  I believe only those who have a red-hot, passionate love for and pursuit of both truth and Jesus will be part of the end-time army that will be used in glorious ways.  The salvation of Israel will depend, in part, on those filled with the fire and glory of the coming King.  Those who walk in absolute obedience with no fear of the enemy, the opinion of others or of death. 

There is a call going out right now for us to come up higher, draw closer, receive fresh oil and fan the fire that has dwindled to embers back into a roaring flame.  This call has gone out throughout history, but the difference now is that this is the last call, the last divide of believers.  We need to cry out to the Lord like we never have for fresh fire, passion and zeal.

There are two other great divides coming.  One is the division of the nations into sheep and goat nations depending on how they treated Israel.  My prayer is that America will always be found as a friend and supporter of Israel and God’s chosen people.

The last great divide is the most horrible one imaginable – when God divides those who accepted His Son as their Savior from those who rejected Him.  Rev 20:15  says “And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire”.  The fate of ever person who doesn’t know Jesus as their Lord is to be eternally separated from His presence, love and goodness.  I can’t imagine the horror of never knowing peace, hope or joy again.  Of never experiencing the love and tenderness of the Lord and never seeing loved ones who’ve died again.
Yet that’s exactly the fate of millions of people living right now unless we rise up in the resurrection power and authority of the Lord to demonstrate a love and “greater works” life that will woo them to the one who died for them.  I’ve been a Christian for 35 years now and the thought of being cast aside as irrelevant and a hindrance to the last move of God because of apathy and lukewarmness is terrifying.  My prayer is that every Christian will do whatever it takes to make sure that they, their family and friends and their nation will be on the right side of the next three great divides.


The Lord bless you and keep you, my friends!
Love in our Yeshua,


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