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Because I voted for Donald Trump, I own no part in the festering blanket of evil and misery that Democrats are unrolling onto all Americans. My conscience is clear.

Joe Biden is a hand puppet. His every act and words are choregraphed. There is a short video making the rounds that clearly shows him walking into the Capitol building, and as he approaches two Marines who are standing at their posts outside the door, Biden obviously gets a command through his earpiece reminding him to salute them, but instead of saluting the Marines, he merely repeats the phrase and says out loud, “Salute the Marines.”

This video presents us with three chilling facts. First, Biden is so mentally deficient that he cannot remember to salute Marines without a prompt. Second, his deficiency is so advanced he cannot tell the difference between a command to act or to speak. Third, someone is telling him what to do.

For the first time in American history, our President does the unquestioned bidding of people who hate America. That explains his first day in office:

Killing the Keystone Pipeline: On his first day in office, Biden killed thousands of jobs for union workers and increased America’s dependence on foreign energy. This was a move that both weakened our economy and strengthened our enemies.

Mass abortions: In his first day in office, he not only bolstered abortions here at home, but ordered that your tax dollars be used to pay for abortions in the U.S., as well as promoting abortions in other nations.

Environmental madness: In his first day in office, he rejoined the World Health Organization and The Paris Agreement, both of which further solidified China’s power over Americans and unleashed the unicorn-environmentalists on our economy.

Trading citizenship for votes: In his first day in office, he flung our borders open to millions in a scheme so dastardly as to present a new low, even for Democrats: they are trading American citizenship for Democrat votes. A massive caravan is approaching our southern border at this moment, where they will be welcomed with open arms. And, since he has also halted the building of the wall, America will be less protected from terrorists, MS-13 members, drug dealers and illegals who will quickly disappear into our cities. Vast numbers of them will arrive to be provided with free healthcare—in the middle of a pandemic—amid massive unemployment, and after the death of hundreds of thousands of small businesses.  The political elite want to secure their power for decades by providing many grateful voters.

So, let me ask you: That was day one. What will America look like after 1,459 more days of this?

Many Christians who voted for Biden are bashing those who supported Trump. They are saying we were foolish to follow such a flawed leader. We were wrong to trust prophets. We were heartless to the poor and that we were identifying with racism. We were displeasing Christ and we were wrong to be involved in politics. Blah, blah, blah.

You think you look hip, lucid and fashionable to outsiders, but that is a momentary reprieve. Soon, you will have to reconcile your vote with your Christianity. Soon there will be drag queens reading to children in our public libraries, boys in the girl’s restrooms, unreached heights of terminating babies in late term abortions, and censorship of all things Christian. Then you will realize what you have voted for.

When atheism comes calling with a hatred for God, an atheism that cares nothing about your ‘woke’ version of Christ, and comes with guidelines that only allow their version of Christianity, a version far from the word of God—when you look in your child’s eye and explain how their future will be designed by other nations and other values―just remember your vote. And remember the ridicule you spewed at Trump supporters.

How puny does your offense over Trump’s rudeness appear now? How does anything Trump texted compare to the danger and wickedness you see currently oozing out of the White House? 

You are now part owner of everything Biden does to America. Whatever happens from here on out will reflect on your choice. By putting Biden first, you put America last. And I will leave it to God to decide how your vote reflects on your faith.

If you voted for Biden, and still insist you did the right thing, I can neither agree with you nor console you. If you are open to God, there is a peace and forgiveness available, and there is still time to participate in the great work of God here on earth that will soon arrive.

To those who discerned the times, stood with Trump, and are still standing for one nation under God, there is the peace of knowing you obeyed your conscience and stood with the vision of America that the Founding Fathers received from God. Not only that, but there is still a miracle coming―and it is a miracle that cannot be rigged.

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3 thoughts on “CHRISTIANS WHO VOTED FOR BIDEN by Mario Murillo

  • January 23, 2021 at 12:41 pm

    I completely agree. As a matter of fact, I awoke this morning wanting to write an open letter to “Christians who Voted for Biden.” You saved me a lot of effort! I know many Christians, most of whom are African Americans, who voted for Biden because they are convinced that President Trump is racist. I don’t know if they are aware of the many things he did to help the AA community such as: funding HBCUs, Urban investment, the Platinum Project, lowering drug prices (which I read Biden also repealed already) and probably the most important -the First Step Act – which gave convicts with minor drug convictions and long prison sentences a new start in life – MOST of whom were African American young men. White evangelical Christians who are members of predominantly white congregations have no idea how splintered the church is, how deceived many sincere people are, and how difficult it is to continue to walk in love when your brothers and sisters in Christ view your biblical basis for voting as racist. I pray continually from Ephesians 1:18 that the eyes of their understanding would be enlightened and from 2 Corinthians 4:4 that the blinders that have been put on their eyes by the god of this world would be removed, in Jesus’ name! Satan is the father of lies…he’s been at it forever…and he has perfected his skill. But thanks be unto God who always gives us the victory in Christ Jesus our Lord!

  • January 23, 2021 at 6:28 pm

    My vote was made with lots of prayer and concern for my grandchildrens’ future in mind. Now, the coming years will “keep me on my knees!”

  • January 24, 2021 at 1:52 pm

    God had me write and publish a book exposing shame as the devil’s main weapon. So you can imagine my feelings when I first saw Trump shaming his opposition. I was an anti-trumper of the first magnitude. However, as I watched the potential policies of each candidate, I saw God’s hand in raising up Trump as His Jehu and/or Cyrus for this hour. I soon learned he was a baby Christian, and I know it is up to God to use His children as He chooses. Praise our LORD, He knows what He is doing, and we are grateful for His telling His prophets bit by bit what He is doing to raise up this nation to the potential our founding fathers decreed t should be.


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