Dec. 28, 2020

Take a look at him—Joe Biden. Then I want to turn around, with everything within me, and look the most ardent Biden-supporter in the eye and demand an honest answer to these questions: Does he inspire you? Do you see him as a great leader? Does Joe Biden make you swell with pride over the grandiose plans he has to turn America around? Do you trust him?

What heroic, no wait, what just plain meaningful thing has he accomplished that tells you he can do the job? Something? Just anything? Or isn’t it a fact that you can name ten people on your block who would make a better President?

Have we ever seen so many people work so hard for someone for whom they feel zero excitement? There is no rallying around Biden. There are no cheers when he speaks. If he didn’t have the occasional gaffe to break the monotony, listening to his speeches would be the equivalent of watching paint dry. 

Lest you believe I have forsaken my faith, please, please, understand that nothing I have just written is written out of rancor or with the intention of being insulting. It is written just to state the facts.

Joe Biden himself is the greatest proof that there was fraud. How else can you wrap your mind around the idea that he was America’s choice? I submit to you that even the most hardcore Biden follower, after taking a second look at the man, nurses a guilty suspicion about how the votes were counted.

I am sure I have offended leftists, as well as some gentle souls in church. But again, nothing is being written out of anger or malice. In fact, more than once I have stated that someone needed to have compassion on Mr. Biden, and set him free.

But he is as much a prisoner as America is now. The machine that created him—with parts imported from China, picked him, promoted him, elected him, and will soon discard him.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I need to tell you some things that are not comfortable, so that we can move on to a national miracle.

I am still clinging tightly to a miracle. I am still believing that the fraud election will be flipped on its ear. But, if by some freak accident, the truth of what happened November 3rd is not repudiated, you will see something far more hideous than a bad administration.

How bad?  As I have tried to tell you so often, before there can be a great awakening, there must be a rude awakening. Here is the rude awakening:

Joe Biden may be President of something, but it is certainly not America. That is because the Democrats have formed their own nation. Let me be clear: we have not seceded from the United States, they have. They left us, we did not leave them. Look at the following facts:

-What their comrades in social media call ‘fact checking’ is actually state control of information.

– Those made-up laws that Democrat governors and mayors call safety measures are actually death measures for small businesses and churches.

-The emphatic rejection of any kind of investigation of voter fraud is coming from outside the United States. It is totally un-American. Certainly, if Biden was a man of honor, he would champion an investigation so that there would be no cloud over his presidency.

I could cite a hundred more features of tyranny that are now a part of our everyday life. The point I want to make, is that none of this could happen in a real America. Therefore, we must realize they have started their own country.

We have to take in that entire ugly picture. Unless we do, we will not have the requisite outrage and perseverance necessary to free our nation from these villains.

Now we come to the great awakening. Here’s what we must do:

We must demand an honest and thorough investigation of voter fraud. This must become a national movement. That investigation must happen, and we must determine that we will never cease fighting for it to happen. We must demand that all evidence be presented. We must approach it with the same ardor as those who opposed slavery had. We must have the same hatred for this fraud perpetrated on the American people as we have for the murder of the unborn.

It must be in our hearts and on our lips. It must be preached from our pulpits and heralded by every civic, business, and legal leader who loves America. It must be the war cry coming from all 7 mountains and every profession. MAGA country must become voter integrity country.

If I sound extreme, it is because you do not realize that all of our freedoms are dependent on free and fair elections. Remove that, and you have removed government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Anyone who is okay with ignoring the compelling evidence, is part of the tyranny.

We must put pressure on Republican leaders to reject the certification of the Electoral College. In fact, I see a judgment coming, not only on the Left for hating God and our Christian heritage—I see a judgment on Republicans who knowingly capitulate to this illegal seizure of our Constitutional rights. On January 6, in the chambers of Congress, will come the final chance for Republican leaders to do their duty.

We must pray and preach national repentance with a renewed fire and zeal. This victory is not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord. Any church—no matter where they meet—that sheds fear and declares God’s Word with fervor, will see the weapons of heaven released in their people and their overflow crowds.

The zeal of God to perform a national miracle is so great that if we open ourselves to the anointing, we will see astounding miracles of healing and deliverance. God is no respecter of persons. He will grant irresistible words, undeniable miracles, and a towering presence of His Glory in any gathering and in any ministry that will declare itself a sacrificial army in the cause of saving America!

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