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Nov. 14, 2020 Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Greetings to our Love For His People family and friends.

A few days ago I sent you a word I had entitled, “It ain’t over till it’s over – Cross the RED Sea.” (If you hadn’t read it, here it is: It Ain’t Over, or read it again.)

As these days string out with the legal counts being tabulated across the USA, and exposure of the fraud rightly coming to light in the election, I want to encourage you with this word now: Back To Egypt?

People of God don’t quit. We don’t look at the giants in the land and sit down and cry. We don’t deny our God, by saying what HE SAID isn’t going to happen, and the prophets got it all wrong.


We stand strong. Head held high except when bowed down in prayer, and looking to see the hand of the Lord God of Almighty move. He is the same God of Moses, King David, the prophet Elijah, and the Messiah Jesus (Yeshua).

He can and will move mountains, shake the nations, and bring the fulfillment of His plans and purposes, for NOTHING and NO ONE can stop our God.

We won’t quit believing. We will see God stand up and roar His voice in the nations.

Be encouraged. Have faith. Share this with others who need some too now.

Ahava and shalom,
Steve Martin

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“Back To Egypt?” – Time To Act by Steve Martin

“It so happened that after Pharaoh released the people, God didn’t lead them by the road through the land of the Philistines, which was the shortest route, for God thought, “If the people encounter war, they’ll change their minds and go back to Egypt.” Exodus 13:17, THE MESSAGE

You get in a tight spot. You think you can’t hold on. You want to quit and just go back to where and what you thought were “easier days.”

We all have been in those situations where the Lord has led us. He has guided us. He has brought us “out” to take us to a better place, for His plans and purposes to be fulfilled. And yet…we struggle to keep the faith, hold the line, stay in belief and not waver in His words.

We want to go back to Egypt.

During these times of political turmoil, many will begin to doubt, if not already, the prophetic words the Lord gave to His prophets in our day, in regard to the spiritual warfare we are in. We have heard the promises spoken by reputable, trusted, proven men and women of God, who have heard the Lord through visions, dreams, and prophetic utterance; spoken it forth as they are rightly to have done, and urging us to believe.

But when we face the Red Sea, the “blue wave”, the backlash of the opponents completely standing against the Lord’s heart for America…are we going to waver in unbelief, and want to quit holding on? Saying the word was not true? They must be false prophets? Surely, they did not hear the Lord and got it wrong?

Imagine if Moses had stopped looking to the Lord, after he had obediently brought the millions of Hebrews out of Egypt, through the guidance and redemption of the Almighty God, to bring them into freedom? If he then recanted of first hearing and then acting on God’s word given to him in the desert? Now facing the Red Sea before them, the Egyptian army behind them, would he stop trusting now? Where would they have ended up? Back in Egypt?

Consider if Elijah had backed down when facing the prophets of Baal, Jezebel and Ahab, when he challenged them on Mount Carmel, to prove that what the Lord had told him to do, displaying the power of the Lord to challenge their evil ways, and chose to instead walk away in unbelief?

What if Jesus, Yeshua, the Son of God, chose not to believe His Father when He had the chance to leave the Garden of Gethsemane before the Roman soldiers came, to take Him to His death on the cross, and also just escape away? Or if He had chosen to not trust and obey the will of the Father, to redeem mankind with His death on the cross, and not believe in the resurrection that was to follow?

We have heard the Word of the Lord through His modern-day prophets, through the gifts of men and women He has given to us in our day, to speak His word clearly and boldly. We have received His heart of grace and mercy, desiring to save the United States by raising up a president who fearlessly has carried out His plans for so many – the unborn, the land of Israel, the poor and oppressed.

Are we now going to back down, choose instead to go back to Egypt, give up as the fight continues to rage on?
We must not. We cannot. We will not give in to the lies of the enemy, the evil that has encompassed far too many in this land.

We must stand strong. Believe the words of the Lord spoken through His prophets in our time and see Him yet deliver His people in America and beyond.

It is time to act upon the Word, stand strong, and see His deliverance once again.

TIME TO ACT – new book by Steve Martin

It is time to act, for that which we have been anticipating and waiting for so long is now upon us.
Yes, the Lord God Almighty, the One seated on His heavenly throne, had His Hebrew prophets speak centuries ago to His people of this time.

So, what is happening that you and me need to be so observant of?

The nation of Israel was rebirth in 1948.The city of Jerusalem was united in 1967. The Holy Spirit has been poured out on the nations, as signs and wonders reveal His power and glory in our time. The One New Man is coming together, as Jews and Gentiles, believers in Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, unite.

And Jews from around the world are returning to the promised land, Israel, making Aliyah. Prophesied through Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and more…they are coming home by the thousands as it is becoming a priority for them, prompt by the Lord God of Israel Himself.

Yes, it is time. It is time to act.

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