URGENT message from Jeremiah Johnson: Watchmen Wednesday 003

Nov. 11, 2020

Watchmen Wednesday

Dear Saints and Leaders,
I want to start by wishing all our former and current Military personnel a very Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your many sacrifices and service to our great country! We here at JJM greatly honor and respect you! Next, I want to ask the reader for grace and patience as I do my best to share my heart with you in a concise way.
Recent days for me have been filled with many tears and lengthy dialogue with the Holy Spirit concerning the state of our nation. As I deeply consider what is currently happening with America and the election chaos, my mind and heart are flooded with so many different prophetic dreams that God has given me over the last several years. In fact, I have intentionally and very carefully stewarded and recorded them in two books that I wrote called, Trump, 2019, and Beyond and its sequel, Trump and the Future of America. These dreams are not only published to invite the Church to partner with them but also as a documented source of accountability for the prophetic ministry God has given me. The third book in the series, Trump and the Rise of the Remnant, is currently with the Publisher and will be available to the public by January 1, 2021.

Now, if you would grant me the liberty to narrow down where I believe we are with President Trump, the media, and America, I would like to share four dreams below and then comment on them briefly. However, please take into serious consideration that it would take me more than twenty emails to explain in full all I believe God has revealed to me. I know I am taking a great risk in simply giving you just a small snapshot of my process without a larger and fuller picture, but I feel I must at this critical hour in history. The following dreams may be very difficult for some to read, but my prayer is that they lead us into true intercession, repentance, and asking God for mercy on America. I want to be clear: I am currently standing in faith that Donald J. Trump will be re-elected as President of the United States. I have not given up and I pray that you will not either. However, I also believe it’s very important at this time that I remind us all of EXACTLY what God has said to me in recent years. The prophetic dreams are specifically dated according to the date they were published, which is a very important factor.
Dream 1: Published in Trump, 2019, and Beyond (Chapter 4)
Prophetic Dream Received January 2018
“In early January of 2018, two years into Trump’s presidency, I was on a fast and received an open vision of Donald Trump’s right hand that began to turn into an IRON FIST. God spoke to me and said, “Trump’s grip is going to tighten while the liberal agenda loses its grip.” I saw the liberal agenda in America gasping for breath as the Trump agenda (the iron fist) squeezes and suffocates its opponents. I saw desperation, wild accusation, and startling trepidation descend upon Washington. Then I began to see something that both surprised me and caused me to pause. The iron fist of Donald Trump was too much for the American people to bear. The pressure and strength of his grip while at first was reassuring, in the end, it brought great unnecessary destruction. I felt an alarm go off deep within my spirit. God said, “I have raised Donald Trump up for four years as a battering ram and trumpet in this nation, but without a serious sanctification and softening of his heart and words, there will be great trouble and danger that will mark his run for a second term. Even those who were once for him, will see the error of his ways and begin to cry out for his soul. Do not be deceived by the wealth and change that Donald has and will bring to America, for I am after far more than the gifts I have irrevocably given him, I must have his heart so that I can order His steps.
A Disturbing Dream of King Nebuchadnezzar 
“The following night after receiving this word, I had a prophetic dream where I saw Donald Trump crawling around on the White House lawn eating grass and acting like an animal. Immediately I cried out to the Lord in the dream and said, ‘God, shall Donald Trump become like Nebuchadnezzar? Shall he become so consumed with his success that he begins to credit his accomplishments to his own strength and power? Will you remove sovereignty from his life?’  
“God spoke to me and said, ‘Donald Trump is in great danger of becoming like Nebuchadnezzar in the years ahead. He will have great success, but the Church must pray for humility and the Daniel Company to arise. Just like Nebuchadnezzar, if Donald breaks away from his sins by doing righteously and showing mercy to the poor, I will prolong his prosperity.’ (Dan 4:27).
“I woke up from the prophetic dream with a tremendous burden upon my heart. To be honest, I could not believe what I just received. Could Donald Trump have been raised up by God Himself like a Cyrus and bring necessary change to America, but through his own pride, arrogance, and forsaking of the poor end as a type of Nebuchadnezzar? The answer is: ABSOLUTELY. The truth is that Donald Trump desperately needs our prayers more than many care to realize. The truth is that many in the Church are guilty of idolizing and worshipping Donald Trump as the savior of America.
“While I do believe that Donald Trump could win a second term, I also sense strongly that there is potential great danger and trouble ahead for America if he is re-elected. He has currently been granted the “iron grip” that will run its course and fulfill its purpose, but Donald Trump may very well be a type of pioneer or trailblazer that must recognize when His mission is complete and it now becomes necessary to turn the nation over to another that can capitalize on the momentum he helped to start, but do it in a much more wise and tactful way. We must keep praying for Donald Trump and for the purposes of God to be manifested through His life and presidency. I am prophetically warning the Church to not be surprised if Donald’s grip and force becomes too much in the days ahead for many to bear. We must pray for humility, compassion, and meekness to mark his life. The attacks, plots, and plans against him will become more and more bizarre in the days ahead. I believe God is releasing a very clear prophetic narrative with Donald Trump so that the intercessors, watchmen, and prophets know how to pray.”
Dream 2: Published in Trump and the Future of America (Chapter 8)
Prophetic Dream Received on January 18, 2019
“As a nightly dreamer since the days of my youth, I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a nightmare. That all changed last night as I woke up in my bed unable to breath, my heart racing out of control, and my entire body numb and shaking. It was a terrifying experience to say the least.
“In the dream, I was on a ship with Donald Trump in a swamp that was totally infested with alligators. Many of them were larger than life. However, these were not merely just alligators, they revealed themselves to me as ‘mercenary alligators.’ In other words, they were trained to sink our ship and had no other agenda but doing so. Risking their life was not a problem for them. They had been commissioned to sink the ship and kill us.
“As our ship sailed deeper into the swamp, Donald Trump was laughing with his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat on as he steered. He continued to laugh as he would purposely plow into as many alligators as he could. ‘I’m going to drain the swamp!’ he would yell to me on the ship.
“Suddenly, I began to realize that the more Donald tried to drain the swamp, the more the swamp was going to drain him. Larger and larger alligators began to swim up and take large chunks out of our ship. We began to take on water and I knew then that our death was imminent. Donald seemed to be totally oblivious to the great danger we were in. 
“I pleaded with him to stop intentionally and purposely drain the swamp but it was too late. We were swallowed up into this totally demonic mercenary alligator abyss. It was a gigantic black hole. I could literally hear hordes of demons laughing and cheering. What I felt and experienced as Donald and I died together is something I will never forget. 
“I immediately woke up in my bed suffocating, numb, and my heart racing out of my chest. As I began to pray to get free, this is what the Lord spoke to me and said, 
“Jeremiah, My people do not recognize the demonic warfare from hell that is being unleashed upon the United States and Donald Trump. Even as a wall is being built, why are My people refusing to build a wall of intercession and prayer around their President and around their nation? Yes, the borders are unsecured but they are far more unsecured in the Spirit realm than you could ever imagine. How is it that a man would see the necessity of building a wall to protect a country but My people cannot even recognize their desperate need to build a wall of intercession and prayer around their own lives and churches? How the American Church continues to sleep and slumber in these days of history has come before My throne and it has greatly grieved My heart! 
“I warn you Jeremiah, that as Donald tries to drain the Swamp, the Swamp is going to drain him. His heart will become hardened, his resolve will become dangerous, and the attacks upon his life and presidency will only get bigger and bigger. This will be a result in large part due to a prayerless Church in America that has refused to pray for their President and that has ignored the demonic agendas in Washington D.C. If My people do not begin to gather and call upon My name, great danger will come to the United States of America’ says God.” 
Dream 3: Published in Trump and the Future of America (Chapter 9) 
Prophetic Dream Received December 2019 
“The most frequent question I receive from leaders and saints all over the world is this: Will Donald Trump win the 2020 election? One well-known Christian leader recently boasted to me that ‘Donald Trump has the 2020 election in the bag; we don’t even need to pray and worry about it. We can just sit back and watch him drain the swamp with ease.’ Because of the revelation the Lord has given me, imagine how deeply my heart was grieved and alarmed by this remark. 
“On another long fast seeking the Lord about the 2020 elections, I was given a prophetic dream that allows me to answer the above question in part. In the dream, Donald Trump was running the Boston Marathon. The crowds gathered along the path of the race were not there to support him but to mock and jeer at him. Many spat at him, and without security present, I am convinced they would have physically harmed him. As the President drew within one hundred yards of the finish line, he stumbled and fell. Completely exhausted and having heart issues, he could not get up from the ground. 
“The crowd went wild; their applause was ear-piercing. I watched with mounting sorrow and despair, but suddenly hope filled my heart. Out of the crowd, two older women, one with a cane and one with a walker, somehow slipped through security and came to the President’s aid. From a physical standpoint, I thought to myself in the dream, ‘How could these two old ladies with their cane and walker even pick up an exhausted Donald Trump, let alone take him to the finish line?’ 
“In the natural, it was impossible. But as I looked closely, something like a rushing wind fell upon these two old women and they supernaturally picked the President off the ground and helped him across the finish line. Mike Pence, Franklin Graham, Donald Trump Jr., and his family were there to comfort him. He had finished the race, but he could not have done so without the supernatural intervention of two old women. 
“I believe Donald Trump will win the 2020 election, but he cannot do it without supernatural intervention. The two old women represented the role of the praying Church in 2020. Without their activism and aid, I am deeply afraid the attacks and warfare launched from the liberal base will prove too much for him to overcome. 
“For Donald Trump to win the 2020 election, the Baby Boomers must arise in America and take a stand. The future of America belongs to this generation in this season. I see many Baby Boomers who are currently in full time ministry shifting out of their roles to get heavily involved in politics in 2020. Many pastors will feel a tremendous burden from God to mobilize their congregations with days of prayer and fasting for Trump and the future of America. 
“Expect attacks against President Trump to arise in Boston (representing the liberal media and agenda) with greater ferocity than ever before. If they cannot impeach him, they will attempt assassination. I, for one, pray that our President’s fate will not reflect the fate of Abraham Lincoln. 
“If the Baby Boomers and intercessors do not rise and become prophetic activists, I do not believe President Trump will make it to the finish line. The attacks and warfare waged against him will be too much, affecting even his physical body.” 
From 2018 up until October 2020, all the public prophecies I had published in both books concerning the re-election of President Trump were totally contingent upon the prayers of the saints, their renouncing of any idolatry in their own hearts, and even the changes that Donald J. Trump would need to make regarding pride and arrogance in his own life. 
However, on the first day of October of 2020, I did in fact receive a prophetic dream and published it in such a way that communicated to the public that President Trump’s reelection was NOT contingent upon the actions of the saints or his own repentance. 
Dream 4: Published in Charisma Magazine October 2020 
In this prophetic dream, I saw three events that would happen in America that would be very significant with specific meanings. The first thing I saw was that Amy Coney Barrett would be seated as a Supreme Court Justice BEFORE the elections. This would confirm a new Esther and Deborah Era in America where righteous mothers will rise to confront the radical feminist movement that is married to Moloch, the god of abortion. I saw one million women gathered on the National Mall in the future crying out for the ending of abortion. The second event that I saw was the L.A. Dodgers winning the World Series. This would confirm that God is not done with Los Angeles or the whole state of California. The third event I saw was that Donald J. Trump would be re-elected and would confirm that the spirit and power of Elijah is resting upon the Church. 
After Justice Barrett was confirmed BEFORE the election on October 26th, and the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series on October 28th, I became convinced that Donald J. Trump would win re-election and began to prophesy as such. 
Closing Remarks 
If the public is asking the question, “Did Jeremiah Johnson prophesy that Donald Trump would win re-election without contingencies?” the answer is Yes, AFTER the prophetic dream from October 1, 2020. Why did this occur? I believe it is due to the fact that the American Church HAS responded with extraordinary prayer and fasting and Donald Trump HAS turned his heart toward God in a much deeper way throughout 2020. Two out of the three events have come to pass from that dream. Now we have a divine opportunity to partner with God and see the third event unfold before our eyes! We must continue to pray, fast, and seek God with all our hearts. 
The primary questions on my heart right now are these: Has the 2020 election NOT yet been called because God is giving the Church and Donald J. Trump even more time to pray for corruption and deception to be exposed like never before? 
Can we also just continue to humbly check our own hearts making sure we are not worshipping Donald Trump and recognize Jesus Christ as King of the earth? 
I want to be clear: I voted for Donald J. Trump in both elections. I believe he most closely represents biblical values such as pro-life, pro-religious liberty, and pro-Israel. However, there have also been very clear prophetic warnings, not only regarding the pride and arrogance inside Donald Trump’s heart, but also the prayerlessness of the American Church and just how disastrous that could be on the elections over the last two years. I am currently standing in faith that the prophetic dream God gave me in October 2020 will come to pass. I do believe large parts of the American Church and even saints around the world have prayed and are sincerely seeking God for His will to be made manifest in America. I do believe Donald Trump has softened his heart and is more open to God and His word than ever before. 
With 2 out of the 3 events occurring, I am trusting God for His will to be done. However, I want to be clear—if Donald J. Trump is not re-elected President of the United States, I will not blame the people, him, or the devil. I will take responsibility and repent for how I presented the prophetic dream to the public, came to the wrong conclusion, and gave an inaccurate prophecy. I have an honest desire to represent God to His people with the highest integrity and do not want to lead any soul astray. I want to see a Church deeply devoted to Jesus Christ more than anything else in the world. 
As we now wait on each state to certify their elections and determine the next President, please join me in these four prayer points: 
1. Pray through the four prophetic dreams I have shared. Ask God to highlight any specific areas in your heart that you need to address. Is God exposing idolatry in your heart toward the President? 
2. Pray for President Trump that during this time of uncertainty He will continue to humble himself and ask God to do a great work in His heart. 
3. Ask God for clarity regarding the swamp dream and how we can target these issues in prayer and intercession. 
4. Ask God for any deception and fraud to be exposed in dark places. Pray for justice and righteousness to reign in each state and our nation. 
On Veteran’s Day, just like the soldiers of old who found themselves in the midst of the battle, so we find ourselves in the midst of perhaps the greatest spiritual battle America has ever faced. Let us not back down now but rather seize the day and emerge victorious. Donald Trump may not be a man of God, but I do believe he is God’s man for the hour. 
 If you would like to read many more of the prophetic dreams I have received to help you fill in the larger picture and gain a more accurate prayer agenda, I encourage you to get either of the two books I mentioned above, or prepare to read the next book in the series, Trump and the Rise of the Remnant.  
Thank you and may God bless the USA, 
Jeremiah Johnson 
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