Breathe and Awake Deborah, Awake and Sing a Song!

Richard and Carolyn Hyde from Heart of G-d Ministries 
Oct. 13, 2020

We had planned to release the song “Breathe” after Sukkot, well before the health crisis with our precious daughter Deborah.  And now it seems a most appropriate time to proclaim that G-d would breathe on her. May the breath of G-d “Breathe” on you and your loved ones.

Awake, awake Deborah, Awake, awake & sing a song! 

Shalom dear friends and prayer partners,
On Shabbat, Sept. 26 the L-rd told me that our daughter Deborah didn’t have much time left if she continued on her current path. I carried that word in prayer all day while watching The Return. As Shabbat ended the L-rd told me to go to Tsfat right away. When I arrived at the person’s place where we heard she’d been resting all day, I found her on the floor near death in a diabetic coma so I called an ambulance immediately!

As we followed the ambulance to the hospital it suddenly pulled over, so we slammed on the brakes, jumped out of the car and ran to see why they stopped. The ambulance driver had jumped into the back to help the paramedic. Together they were frantically working on Deborah because she had stopped breathing. After intubating her she was rushed into the ER and then the ICU, where she remained for 12 days, most of the time in a coma. At one point her kidneys failed and the prognosis was grim but G-d answered the multitude of love and prayers that rose up for our Deborah and for this we are truly grateful!

Deborah’s kidneys and lungs improved but then she went blind and the next day her heart stopped! So she is currently in the cardiac ICU. We need a miracle…

During her coma I had a dream that showed her life in three packages that resembled trash from the outside, while inside were valuable treasures. I won’t go into details but this dream reminded me how often we initially perceive people who have mental illness as somehow inferior. And yet these same people are really treasures hidden in darkness. Deborah is one of these treasures. Many of her friends in Tsfat recognize her value. Though many of them are broken themselves, they have poured out compassion in tangible ways; bringing food, visiting, showing concern, offering to pray.

Miraculously we have been able to bring Messiah into these encounters with Deborah’s friends. In the Spirit I see a wellspring of life rising up where compassion flows with living water. This is the heart of G-d that, even while masked, distanced and in pain, we can enter into relationships where broken hearts are exposed and vulnerable. And as followers of Yeshua we know that He is the only One who can gather those broken pieces and make our
hearts whole again.

A friend of Deborah’s called to offer me medicinal plants which grow near Tsfat where he said that Jesus was buried. So I explained that when Yeshua died for our sins, He was buried in Jerusalem, but then He rose from the dead!

This surprised him so he asked if there are two Jesus’. Of course we know there is only one true Jesus, but I added that there is one that most Jews perceive, who appears to have blue eyes, blond hair and speaks King James English and has no real connection with the Jewish people at all. And then there is Yeshua, who is described in Scripture. He was sent from His Father to dwell among us and to fulfill all that was written of Him in Torah, including taking away the sins of the world through His death and resurrection power. Today there’s a huge awakening as many Gentiles and Jews are embracing the Jewishness of the Jewish Messiah! This young man was amazed to hear this.________

We ran into a neighbor at the grocery who’d heard about Deborah and as we spoke with him, he marveled at how calm we were. He knows we’re believers but he told Richard and I that he wished he had what we have.

Portraits of the Messiah revealed in the Hebrew Scriptures

By our dear friend and neighbor Yosef DanieliAdonai has called us on another journey to help prepare the way home from America, this time with a focus on the southeastern seaboard. We have no idea when, but if this resonates with you, please let us know…I had a dream of David’s fallen tabernacle that brought many fellow worshippers in the Galilee to wonder…

Praising Adonai for recent outreaches in Haifa where seeds of faith were planted and some came into the Kingdom! If you’d like to partner with our sons and us and the Media Team, please click here and designate for humanitarian aid outreaches.

Blessings to you all in Yeshua’s love,

Carolyn and Richard

 ‌  ‌  ‌Worship Music from Israel

We write L-rd or G-d (a Jewish custom Carolyn grew up with) or יהוה or YHVH but it’s all about showing reverence for the Holy One of Israel. Thank you for understanding.
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