Chuck Pierce & Dutch Sheets: October 2020 A Jezebel Capture Will Occur

Oct. 1, 2020

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Dutch speaks at the Glory of Zion Head of the Year Conference on 9/20/2020. Chuck Pierce quotes: “I just heard this word. Last Sunday the Lord said, “In the next 12 days He would set a new administration.” We’re watching God work. but I just heard the Lord say something. Every time you bring that up about what the Lord is showing you will happen over the next month of October, I see these words flash across, “A Jezebel capture will occur.”

That means somebody that’s pulling those strings at the gate is about to be removed.” Dutch Sheets quotes: “We say Jezebel will be captured. We say there is exposure coming. You are about to reach down and silence some voices. We say Lord you’re going to do this, and while you do, you’re going to show yourself strong and expose Jezebel. The claws and the talons of Jezebel are going to be pulled out of the heart of this nation.”

Steve Martin

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