Thousands Rejoice, Worship Together ‘To See the Love of God’ During West Coast ‘Revival in America’

09-06-2020 CBN News Andrea Morris

Image Source: Facebook Screenshot/Hold the Line

Image Source: Facebook Screenshot/Hold the Line

Worship leader Sean Feucht brought his “Hold the Line” rally to the West Coast this weekend as thousands gathered in Oregon and Washington.

Image Source: Facebook Screenshot/Sean Feucht

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Image Source: YouTube Screenshot/Sean Feucht

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Image Source: Twitter Screenshot/Brendan Gutenschwager

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In an Instagram post, Feucht wrote that the Holy Spirit was present as worshippers rejoiced at the sight of “healings and miracles.”

“God’s presence landed in Salem tonight!!!!!!! It was UNDENIABLE and REVELATORY! Thousands and thousands showed up to worship Jesus in the park! Hundreds were baptized in the cold river -WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE FOOTAGE!! Crazy healings and miracles broke out!!!”

The worship leader and his band traveled to Vancouver, Washington on Friday where more salvations and healings took place at Waterfront Park.

Feucht tweeted, “The courageous church of THOUSANDS showed up last night in Vancouver, Washington. AND GOD MET US IN A PROFOUND WAY!!”

David Sisco of Vancouver told Clark County Today News that he came out to the event “to worship the Lord.”

“It’s very simple,” Sisco said. “We need Him here. We need Him in Portland. We need Him in Seattle. We need Him in Olympia. Every person on the face of the earth needs Jesus in their heart.” 

Jessica Iveson of Portland told the news agency that she was there “to see the love of God released everywhere.” She held a flag with the message “Hope” printed across it because “people have a lot of hope and a lot of love to give.”

Feucht is bringing the revival to Sacramento, California today from 5:00-8:00 p.m. PST and says he plans to “release a new sound over the state.”

“A new Jesus people movement is right around the corner and we need you to be with us…revival in America,” Feucht said in a video.

“Today is THE DAY the Lord has made,” Feucht wrote on Instagram. “There will be some REJOICING in it on the steps of the State Capitol building in Sacramento.”


Watch Sean Feucht live in Sacramento below:

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