Why This is the MOST Important Election in History | Jonathan Cahn with Sid Roth, It’s Supernatural

Aug. 31, 2020 Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! 1.14M subscribers

Jonathan Cahn reveals why this is the most important election in America’s history! ▶▶The Harbinger 2 & The Harbinger 2 Uncensored [Book & DVDs]: https://bit.ly/2EDxRwW

▶▶Watch Part 1 of Jonathan Cahn’s Interview: https://youtu.be/NtW9s47EAe4 What actually began on 9/11? Rabbi Jonathan Cahn opens up on the most critical revelations yet. Now a global pandemic and more are unfolding! Harbinger II will blow you away… Is the shaking that has come upon the world a sign, a judgment or a warning of things to come? Could our global pandemic be linked to 9/11—then the later financial collapse and other shakings? Is the ancient mystery first revealed in The Harbinger still shaping current events? And does it hold secrets about our future?

What does it tell us about judgment and how much time we have left? Jonathan Cahn’s The Harbinger caused a worldwide stir when it was released in 2012. The Harbinger II: The Return goes even further and reveals what could not be told until now. Discover the signs and manifestations that have NOW appeared in America and the world. You will want to know why and what they say about our future.

Through his new 8-DVD series, The Harbinger II: Uncensored, Jonathan Cahn reveals exclusive material that could not even be put in his new book. You will not only hear about revelations and signs—you’ll see them! They demand a response. Jonathan says that is the best news of all. Jonathan Cahn is the New York Times best-selling author of The Harbinger, president of Hope of the World ministries and senior pastor and Messianic rabbi of the Jerusalem Center / Beth Israel in Wayne, New Jersey.

▶▶The Harbinger 2 & The Harbinger 2 Uncensored [Book & DVDs]: https://bit.ly/2EDxRwW

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