Aug. 21, 2020THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TRUMP MUST DO AT THIS MOMENT by mariomurilloministries

What a week! China is poised to hit us again. The shutdown continues to destroy lives, businesses, and churches. Revelations about the FBI are devastating. On the streets of Portland, Oregon, left-wing rioters keep burning down the most left-wing city in America. Meanwhile, the nation suffers through a most excruciating, stomach-churning pack of lies and propaganda: The Democratic Convention.

These are only the highlights of what President Donald Trump faces. On top of all of that, he must lead a reelection campaign in a system so rigged against him it boggles the mind.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter were caused by the Democrat Party, and they are in full rebellion against everything American. The Bible says clearly that “rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft” (1 Samuel 15:23), and we are seeing the full-blown rebellion, demonic hatred, violence and anarchy that they have summoned from hell.

Deciding what is the most important thing the President must do at this moment is really hard—but I believe I know what it is. Not only that, but I am also persuaded what the second thing is that he must do, if the first one fails.

Donald Trump and every decent American must do everything in their power right now to prevent a mail-in election. People must go to the polls and vote in person. Absentee ballots are one thing, but a massive vote-by-mail election guarantees tampering and corruption—a corruption Democrats are counting on. It will be impossible for Trump to get a fair count.

Leftist operatives man battle stations throughout the system that will count the votes. I will go so far as to say that mail-in ballots are Joe Biden’s only hope of winning. But the horror extends beyond that. All the votes for the Senate and the House and local elections will also be gamed by this racket.  I have no doubt that the fix is already in, and the only way to stop it is to demand that the courts enforce in-person voting.

The virus is just an excuse for this despicable deception. The church shutdown proves it. If they truly believe that the virus is as dangerous as they say it is, they would not have singled out the church for shutdown and have left big-box stores, bars, casinos, and marijuana outlets open. They used a big fat lie to close down our churches. Why? Because they hate the church.

Now, we see the same lie being used to unleash the most heinous sabotage of our freedoms in American history. The argument that people shouldn’t go to polling places is destroyed by their actions. It’s the ultimate hypocrisy of the Left: leftist protesters—in person on the streets—protesting against in-person voting. How rich is that? 

Think voter fraud is not being planned on a massive scale consider 20,000 fake driver’s licenses…

Mr. President you must combine all of your influence and all of your moral rage to focus on stopping this disaster. Shut it down before it happens with an executive order, and call out the National Guard to oversee the voting process. Everyone who loves America and loves freedom must treat the mail-in election as treason, and consider it as lethal as an armed invasion by a foreign army.

We must fight it in the courts. We must exhaust every avenue to influence rational Americans against this travesty. And if that fails…

But what if ‘that’ does fail and we have a corrupted election? Then we must—all of us—on a scale unknown in world history—repudiate the results and reject the election. Patriotic and God-fearing people—by the millions, must take to the streets if necessary and revolt against the calculated, despotic, banana-republic sham of a mail-in election. Otherwise, America will be lost forever.

Mr. President, do all that is in your heart to do, we are with you in this holy crusade.

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