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Aug. 20, 2020 Sudan Waits in Line to Make Peace with Israel
An Arab-Muslim-majority country that borders Egypt to the south, Sudan has long been viewed as hostile towards the Jewish state.

Trump to Bring together Israel, Arab World in ‘Extravagant’ Peace Ceremony right before Elections – Arabic Expert Says
Kedar explains that the Sunni Gulf States are so scared of Iran that they would sign a deal with the devil just to ensure Trump wins reelection in November

Israeli Supermarket Owner Sues the UN in Jerusalem
The group also claimed that the UNHRC was “violating its own charter by specifically singling out Jewish-owned businesses as no businesses in Judea and Samaria owned by Arab citizens of Israel made the list.
[WATCH] Israeli and UAE Civilians Exchange Blessings of Peace via Social Media
A.Y. Katsof sends blessings from Jerusalem, Israel’s capital “for 3000 years since king Solomon the son of King David.”

Israel Targets Hamas Special Forces Facility Following Rocket Attack
Thousands run to shelters after rocket triggers sirens in Ashkelon during a tour by Israel’s education minister • Arson attacks from the Gaza Strip ignite some 40 fires in southern Israel.
Israelis and Emiratis to Develop COVID-19
Stem-Cell Therapy
Pluristem and Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center to collaborate in developing cell therapies and regenerative drugs for severe diseases including COVID-19
JOB 16:18
By asking the earth not to cover up his blood, Iyov invokes the murder of Abel by Cain in response to which the ground “opened its mouth to receive… [Abel’s] blood” (Genesis 4:11). The commentators wonder what argument led to the first murder in history, in which a person killed his own brother…LEARN »
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