The Aliyah Return Center Tour! – Aliyah Return Center, Chaim Malespin

This week’s featured video: ARC Center Tour with Chaim! 

We have a very special video this week – even though the global situation is keeping us from having visitors, you can still take a tour with us! In this video, Chaim gives a walkthrough of the Aliyah Return Center as well as some of the history behind the kibbutz, how it all got started, and what new projects we’re working on today (including hear one of our new immigrants from Russia speak about her experience living here!)
Take the tour!

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This October, we will be hosting an international fundraising festival for new immigrants to Israel & extending not only an invitation to participate online, but to come to the land and represent your nation & celebrate with us in the Jordan Valley. 

We now have an event page & sign up form for those interested in information as the global travel policy continues to develop. Visit the page here

On Episode 10 of our What is Aliyah Series: Mount of Olives Did Jesus make aliyah?
Dean reads out of Acts right in front of the Mount of Olives and gives us insight into what the New Testament says about Jesus’ own travels on this very mountain.  Click here to watch! 

Stay tuned for the rest of the season to learn:
– What is Aliyah?
– Why it is important for the Jewish people?
– How can Christians be a part of bringing them home?
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13:00 – 14:00 Israel Time
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