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Aug. 17, 2020

Lance Wallnau 114K subscribers You’ve been with me over the last few months, and you remember I’ve been saying it all along. Joe Biden picked Kamala the Chameleon Harris as his running mate, even though we were hoping it wasn’t going to happen. She’s nearly as much of an empty suit as Joe Biden, almost like a Manchurian Candidate.

The difference is Biden’s probably not going to last long and will turn things over to Kamala. I think Kamala was picked a long time ago. If you remember, Pete Buttigieg was flying to Texas for a fundraiser. Mid-flight, he turned around, which is unusual, then he canceled his candidacy and gave his endorsement to Biden. I think Pete was told to stand down, and he’d get a sweet spot at the convention. Because the convention is coming up, I think they were going to put Kamala in, take Biden out and maybe offer Pete a shot at VP.

My biggest concern was the dream I had. Kamala was in an elevator with me that was going up, and I knew there was a Jezebel spirit, and this was before she ran for the primaries for President. I knew that she was going to be the one the devil is going to try to use to take Trump out. Now I’ve said all along that the media are the spirit of the false prophets, and they are giving Kamala this amazing schmooze treatment. It’s the reverse of Russiagate and Stormy Daniels.

It’s a media makeover to make her look like a moderate, when she will be Obama’s surrogate, undoing everything Trump has done.

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